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Discover Mobile Features

We are excited to announce the Datamine Discover 2019 release is now available to all maintained customers. It comes with loads of new features, including MapInfo 17.0.2 and the highly anticipated Discover Mobile app for Android.

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Ease of Data Flow Between Office & Field

The new mobile Android app is designed to assist with the seamless flow of data between the field and the office from enterprise source data to desktop to the field and back again.


If you are having any problems downloading the newest update, please email our Discover Support Team.

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Visualisation of GIS Layers in the Field

Take all your GIS data into the field - image, grid and point, line and polygon. Interrogate values of your vector data to compare with your own field observations.

Waypoint Navigation

Navigate to your next sample or point of interest using the waypoint navigation tool. An alarm will sound once you arrive at the location. 

Data Collection

You can collect point and line data, as well as attribute data using dropdown lists to help data consistency and ease of logging. 

Desktop Mobile Project Tool

Set up a mobile project to take into the field, the mobile project clips data to a usable size, reprojects all data into a common projection and adds project metadata to assist with updating source data. 

The project can be exported to the field when checked out as a single geopackage file. 

Mobile Specific Table Validations

Configure your tables on your desktop to determine how they will perform in the field. Add columns to record GPS XYZ values that come off your mobile device. Set up image capture so you can take photos and link them with your collected data. Set up dropdown lists to assist with data capture. Configure default vaues and incrementation so a sample number goes up by 1 every time you collect a sample.

Meta data has been added to the mobile project to make updating your source data a seamless process. 

Mobile Update Source Data

Link images in a folder to a data entry. Seamlessly view the linked image by clicking the photo icon. 

Data Entry Image Link

Add GIS layers to a drillhole project to help keep your project easily contained. 

Drillhole Project Map Layers

Quickly step the cursor plane through bonded images in Discover 3D.

Discover 3D Step Cursor Plane Back/Forward Between Bonded Objects

The map window can now be easily rotated using this tool. 

MapInfo Rotate Map Window

New symbols can be easily created using the map tools and saved as a MapInfo symbol. 

Symbol Maker

Discover Enhancements

MapInfo Enhancements

MapInfo has created a new viewer to view workspaces without being licensed to use MapInfo. 

MapInfo Viewer

Geomap Basemaps (in addition to Bing)

MapInfo has added a new Basemap type called Geomap, which are styled open street maps. 

Discover Mobile 

Discover Mobile allows you to:

  • Set up tables and picklists to take with you out into the field. 
  • View image, grid and vector layers whilst in the field.
  • Easily navigate to selected features with an intuitive interface and design.
  • Quickly collect data based on dropdown lists and link data entries to photographs. 
  • Sync back to the desktop and source files allowing for seamless data flow between the office and the field.

The Discover Mobile app is available to all maintained Datamine Discover users. It integrates seamlessly with Discover Desktop and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store onto any Android Device from Android OS 6 and upwards. The app itself is completely free, however it will only work with a Discover Mobile Project created on the Datamine Discover 2019 Desktop.