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Secure Data Management

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28th of November


Datamine Fusion

Fusion is a comprehensive geological data management system designed to combine all exploration and production data into one common database for reporting and analysis. Data is managed centrally in Fusion, including geological, geochemical, geotechnical, geophysical, QA/QC, mapping, surveying and other field data.

Data Management

On client workstations, Fusion creates a secure connection to remote or central servers to facilitate all aspects of data management. Fusion improves your security by controlling user access to project data, allowing only designated users to retrieve, update and query data from Fusion Servers. All Fusion administration and management of reference lists is done centrally. This includes creating and modifying tables, users, business units, rock types, and other information centrally and only once

Drill Holes


Smart Data Management

Focus lists of drillholes and samples through user-defined filters and filter operators

Seamless integration with Studio RM/EM and other mine planning packages

Schedule data transfer in off-peak times

Database Control


Data Integrity

Distributed database with centralized control

Full security model to control access to data & system functions

Check In and Check Out technology ensures data integrity and user accountability

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Datamine Fusion represents the latest in Geological Data Management that lets you spend more time managing data that actually matters. It’s Check-in – Check-Out functionality allows you to take control and organize your data into one central library, allowing only one person to edit at a time, others will have read only access on a copy of that entry. This functionality can be used on Drill holes, Surface Samples and Maps.


David worked as an analyst and software developer for the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines for 10 years, trained in database design and development. Started with Century Systems in Sept 1997, designed and wrote the first versions of DHLogger and Fusion Client. Created the core database and designed it to support distributed data and be completely configurable. Designed our core GDMS database to support additional products which ultimately evolved into the Fusion suite of products. Continue with Datamine to grow and improve the product line. Provide sales support to all regions. Gather and refine requirements..

David Pylatuk


 28th of November 2017

 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST (Americas)

  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM WAT (Africa)

   12:00 PM - 1:00 PM AWST (APAC)

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