Deposit Modelling & Evaluation.


Stratified Deposit Modelling

Strat3D represents the future of stratified deposit modelling with its tailored workflow driven interface. Create high quality strata block models – true 3D prism models for the visualisation, classification and evaluation of iron ore, bauxite and other stratified deposits. This provides better integration of structure and quality, resource, waste and other properties. Strat3D has a unique and powerful implicit model building algorithm that automatically builds a structural model from fault, drillhole intersection and seam description data. A washability module is also available for coal operations. Quality data can be interpolated into the model using a variety of sophisticated geostatistical methods with Strat3D, the latest addition into Datamine’s extensive resource and modelling software range.

User Benefits

Logical Workflow-Oriented Interface

With its simple and clean interface, Strat3D guides the user through the sequence of activities to produce and validate detailed three dimensional stratigraphic models.

High Quality 3 Dimensional Models

The models produced by Strat3D’s implicit modelling engine can represent a high level of geological complexity. Strat3D’s prism block models provide a highly accurate representation of stratified deposits even when reverse faulting, complex seam splitting and multiple narrow strata are present.


Sophisticated Geostatistics

Strat3D has functionality for quality interpolation such as kriging that are not normally associated with stratified deposit modelling systems. The quality interpolation combined with the implicit modelling engine results in highly accurate models of complex deposits.

Intuitive Tools

Strat3D requires a number of geological inputs and controls to produce a detailed model. Many of the tools used for data correlation and strata definition are intuitive to a geologist and closely mimic what they have been doing for years on paper. These tools allow the user to provide a high level of geological control on the models.


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