Implementation Services

Datamine has a structured process to ensure that customers derive the most value possible from their technology investments. Supported on-site implementation of our software follows a proven methodology to ensure that systems are configured appropriately for the deposit type and site work flows. Wherever possible, automation and integration are used to connect departmental systems, regardless of the technology mix in use.  Typical elements of our programme include;

  1. Initial planning study, as-is and to-be state
  2. Software installation and licensing set-up
  3. Introductory training
  4. Defining inputs, outputs and methods for all activities
  5. Configuration of templates and standards
  6. Data migration
  7. Intermediate training on site-specific data sets
  8. Establishment of an initial-state end to end data set
  9. Handover to site staff
  10. Follow-up, review and system optimisation

A project management model is agreed for each project. Large scale implementations typically have a dedicated project manager to ensure the desired outcomes are delivered on time and on budget.

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