MineScape is a suite of integrated solutions for coal and metalliferous deposits in open pit and underground mining operations. It delivers extensive geologic modelling and mine design functionality that can be customised to meet your individual mine site requirements. 

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MineScape Modules

All MineScape products are fully integrated and provide multi-user access to a single data source in a network environment. Each module performs a specific range of data processing and mine planning function. Exceptionally easy to use, MineScape features a comprehensive range of specialist modules which address the following: 

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New Software Update

This major release is aimed at improving performance and visualisations, expanding big data capabilities and revamping the user interface and customer experience. Our goal is to make MineScape as friendly and intuitive as possible to facilitate productivity and streamline your business processes.

MineScape 6.0

What's New?

Stratigraphic Deposits

Geological Database (GDB)

GDB stores downhole survey, lithology and quality data and also produces standard, summary and custom, user-defined reports. It graphically displays data such as lithology, intervals, downhole geophysics as well as allowing geologists to conduct correlations, composition, washability calculations and classical 2D geostatistical studies.

Geological Modelling Modules 


Stratmodel empowers geologists with the ability to complete stratigraphic modelling of inherently complex environments. Stratmodel's advanced structural capabilities enable geologists to gain accurate and detailed understandings of subsurface structures influencing their deposits.

Block Model

Block Model has the ability to efficiently and accurately model both stratified and non-stratified deposits using conventional and industry standard block modelling tools and processes. Users can generate models and interpolate geological data to develop wireframe solids as well as export to 3rd part optimisation engines.

Mine Design & Planning Modules 

Efficient Mine Planning & Design

See how MineScape helps ArcelorMittal make better decisions every day.

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Open Cut

Open Cut allows mine design and planning engineers to generate and test mine designs for short-term production  operations and long-term feasibility studies. Engineers can  also design haul roads interactively in 3D and determine  cut and fill requirements for mass balancing and optimisation.


MineScape’s Dragline module allows mine design engineers to apply a variety of burden movement  techniques including pre-strip, cast blasting and  production earthworks to simulate the execution of total pit  burden removal strategies.

Drill & Blast 

This module has sophisticated tools to quickly lay out an optimum blast pattern, project blast holes to surfaces, and renumber, resequence and export hole layout reports to GPS equipped drill rigs. It also produces plans showing blast exclusion zones for simple communications around operational blasting.

Customer Success Story

Romonta Mines

Find out how Romonta achieved over 95% accuracy in a complex historical mining district with the MineScape mine planning model. 

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Specialised Modules 

Underground Coal 

This module quickly produces and tests short and long term plans for longwall and room & pillar mine designs. It then visualises and manipulates these designs at any stage of the plan development using
MineScape's interactive 3D CAD suite.

Ring Design 

A purpose-built module for underground metals mining operations, it has the ability to create designs for block caving operations, long-hole and cut & full stope mining methods. Design parameters can be replicated and semi-automated through the use of
templates saving time and resulting in accurate,  repeatable designs.

Pit Optimisation

A simple, easy-to-use solution to delineate an  ultimate economic pit shell. Pit optimisation utilises the power of MineScape's CAD suite while directly accessing MineScape block models to simplify the pit optimisation process.


This powerful and customisable scheduling engine enables mine planning engineers to optimise mining methods and sequences by providing material movement and machine activity forecasts for short/long term operations, delivering better predictability and reliability with respect to tonnage and production outputs.

4 of the top 6 mining companies in the world use MineScape.

MineScape's geological modelling & mine design capabilities help produce over 75% of the coal produced in Indonesia.

Companies using MineScape have seen a 75% reduction in the time to build a geological model.

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MineScape Solution

From nickel mining in Russia to platinum group metals mining in South Africa, to coal mining in Indonesia, MineScape provides mining operations worldwide with a suite of integrated solutions designed for open pit and underground mines for coal and metalliferous deposits. Delivering extensive geological modelling and mine planning and design functionality, MineScape offers exceptional ease-of-use through: 

• A true simultaneous multi-user environment allowing access to all 3D data and models over networks.
• Advanced CAD features.
• Sophisticated 3D graphics engine.
• Complex stratigraphic modelling functionality including reverse faulting.
• Integration of the geological database with modelling and the 3D graphics environment.
• Sophisticated drill and blast design tools.
• Surface/stratigraphy-bound block model interpolation.
• Volume and reserves calculation.

MineScape is the geological modelling and mine planning solution within Datamine's suite of mining software, the most comprehensive and effective IT solution for the mining industry. We seamlessly integrate information flows between all mining activities and lower mining costs through smarter use of technology and information management systems.

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