NPV Scheduler.

Pit Optimisation.

NPV Scheduler

Complete Strategic Mine Planning System


A complete strategic open pit mine planning system – NPV Scheduler has functionalities spanning everything from pit optimisation, pushback generation, cut-off grade optimisation, scheduling, haulage optimisation and stockpile management. The advanced system caters for alternative techniques beyond NPV for pit optimisation to take account of material blending requirements or to maximise mine life. The innovative pushback generator delivers the most practical pushbacks of any competing product and the scheduling capability includes optimisation techniques that look ahead to the entire life of the mine as opposed to considering just one period at a time.

Key Features

Determining Pushback Shapes

Pushbacks are based on LG phases, but practical mining requires careful formation of the final pushback shapes. NPV Scheduler bases the pushbacks on LG phases, bit it also optimises the pushback shapes for practical mining, while retaining the maximum possible NPV.

Visualisation, Animation & Reporting

NPV Scheduler delivers a wide variety of reporting and visualisation options and formats, from full reports with customisable content to 3D rendered life of mine animations.

Mine Flow Optimiser (MFO)

MFO increases NPV by optimising cut-off grade. It adjusts the schedule to create more value by mining higher grade or ore earlier in the schedule when that outweighs the cost of wasting or stockpiling lower grade ore.



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