Advanced Geostatistics

Mineral Resource Estimation

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Easy to Use

Easy to use case management for saving and restoring estimation parameters.

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Advanced Charting

Charting tools for variogram visualisation and modelling including support for multivariate variogram models.

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Save Time

Faster grade estimation on multi-core PCs using parallelised algorithms.

Advanced Estimation

Mineral Resource & Reserve Estimation

Advanced Geostatistics is a state-of-the-art and industry bench marked software solution for mineral resource and reserve estimation. As an additional module of the globally recognised Studio RM, this sophisticated software provides access to a comprehensive set of geostatistical algorithms that can be used.

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Data Import & Analysis.

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Dynamic Lag Adjustment.

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Multivariate Auto Fitting.

Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis (KNA).

Variography with 3D Maps & Multivariate Auto Fitting.

Conditional Simulation for Recoverable Resource Evaluation.

What Is Studio RM?

Studio RM, a complete resource modelling solution with key additional features such as reserve estimation, grade estimation & implicit modelling.