Enhanced Production Scheduler

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Fast & Reliable Scheduling

Obtain superior scheduling outcomes with a robust scheduling engine and mining-specific algorithms.

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Resource & Target Levelling

Advanced algorithms automatically adjust your schedule based on user-defined resources and targets.

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Visual Auditing & Communication

Using EPS InTouch, see your schedule in stunning 3D animations, making it easier to audit your sequence for errors and to share visually appealing mine plans.


Powerful Scheduling & Monitoring Solution

Carry out all activities associated with scheduling and monitoring critical resources – EPS is Datamine’s powerful mining package with a full Gantt chart scheduler built specifically with industry-specific functionality not available in off-the-shelf schedulers. The difference is in its additions such as weighted average grades, equipment and crew resources and other optional modules for blending and optimisation. EPS is dynamically linked to Studio 5D Planner & Studio UG, but can also be used as a stand-alone where visual animation of schedules is not required. User-defined reporting calendars can be changed or modified spontaneously, allowing for flexible reporting or period quantities and grades to become your all-encompassing scheduling and monitoring software.

Key Features

01Integration with Studio Products

EPS is fully integrated with Datamine Studio products (i.e. Studio OP and Studio UG), which allows you to have all the design attributes, sequence links and results of the block evaluation fully available to guide the scheduling process. EPS also offers the ability to create additional attributes, modifying factors and constants to create a complete and comprehensive report.The integration with Studio also provides a live link between EPS and Studio’s 3D window. You can easily visualise the schedule animation, apply filters, and select tasks in EPS which will be highlighted in the 3D window and vice-versa.

02Full Gantt Chart

EPS is a powerful mining package which allows users to carry out the activities associated with scheduling and monitoring critical resources. It has a full Gantt chart scheduler built specifically for mining with industry-specific functionality such as stockpiles and haulage analysis not available in off-the-shelf schedulers. Resources can be allocated to each task and an operational schedule can be created by resource-levelling or the more advanced EPS Solver algorithms.

03Customisable Reporting

Reports can be created on a fully customizable reporting crosstab, pivot tables, graphs and dashboards. With integrated scheduling and reporting capabilities you can be sure the schedules produced is in a fully auditable and repeatable manner with the reports being generated and updated automatically and completely connected to the schedule data.

EPS dynamically links to Studio UG, our comprehensive underground design solution, to create visually accurate mine schedules.

Create Work Packages in EPS