Software training courses in Africa

Your day to day activities are geared toward maximising the resource and profit of your operations. The following training courses have been designed to provide you with the skills required to apply our software tools to their greatest potential. As well as the training courses listed below which take place our offices on the specified set dates, Datamine also provides customized training programs to meet your specific requirements.


Strat3DBuildling Geological Strata Models using Strat3DJOHANNESBURG2017icon_learnmore_green
EPS, Studio 5D PlannerEPS for Studio 5D PlannerJOHANNESBURG2017icon_learnmore_green
Studio 3Foundations of Geological Modelling using STUDIO 3JOHANNESBURG2017icon_learnmore_green
NPV Scheduler, StudioOPFoundations of Open Pit PlanningJOHANNESBURG2017icon_learnmore_green
MSO, Studio 5D PlannerFoundations of Underground Mine PlanningJOHANNESBURG2017icon_learnmore_green
Studio 3, MROGeostatistics and Resource EvaluationJOHANNESBURG2017icon_learnmore_green
MSOMSO (Mineable Shape Optimizer)JOHANNESBURG2017icon_learnmore_green
NPV SchedulerNPV SchedulerJOHANNESBURG2017icon_learnmore_green
Studio 3Plotting for GeologistsJOHANNESBURG2017icon_learnmore_green