Sirovision 6.2

Sirovision allows remote and safe capture of geological features while avoiding costly disruption to production activities. Sirovision 6.2 introduces new features such as the ability to import 3D drone models to map directly on to, making it quicker and easier than ever before to conduct analyses such as wedge detection and slope stability. If increased safety is your biggest concern, then Sirovision 6.2 will be your greatest asset. 

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Showcase of Drone Workflow for Open Pit Mapping

 Sirovision 6.2 has the increased capability to import various formats of several 3D model types such as those built from drone images, laser scanners and radar systems. This includes *.OBJ, *.LAS and *.PLY formats. The below infographic elaborates on the workflow in Sirovision 6.2 using photographs specifically taken by drones.

Sirovision Overview

If you are unfamiliar with Sirovision, watch the video below for a quick and easy overview.

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Flexible Importing Formats

Import various 3D model formats such as *.OBJ, *.LAS and *.PLY to create a mosaic in Sirovision instead of the previously tedious and cumbersome stitching of 2D DSLR images.

Easily and quickly map directly onto imported 3D models with immediate results. Intuitive modelling tools sit within a clean and easy to navigate interface - quickly find what you need!

Quick & Accurate Mapping

Advanced Geotechnical Tools

The complete package offering analysis tools for wedge detection and slope stability providing valuable insights to geotechnical designs. You can have it all - rose plots, stereo plots & contour plots!

A solution built with your safety in mind.

The importation of drone derived models significantly increases safety on-site, keeping personnel away from rock faces, heavy machinery and high walls - feel safe and at ease with Sirovision. 

Unlock The Potential

Get the most out of our software by keeping up to date with the latest updates. As surrounding technology advances, so does our software to adapt with these emerging innovations. Drone model integration in the 6.2 release represent just the very tip of the iceberg - you can definitely look forward to the next releases!



MKIII - Underground Stereo Camera


Drone Image Capturing

Using drones in the mining environment has until recently been largely for 2D images, stockpile volume calculations and environmental monitoring. Now with the advancement of camera technologies, high resolution image capturing of otherwise inaccessible or dangerous exposures is possible, greatly enhancing safety practices and mapping. 

Datamine's Sirovision has the ability to import models and mosaics from sources other than the traditional SLR. Using drones to take a series of pit wall images, models that are subsequently created can be easily imported. 

Import Various Formats

Simple Mapping Processes

Once imported, structures and lithologies can be simply and efficiently mapped. Not only does this save time, but greatly reduces employees' exposure to high walls, vehicle interactions and weather elements. 

Powerful Geotechnical Tools

Along with standard geological mapping tools, a purpose-built suite of powerful geotechnical tools can then be applied to produce stereo plots, rose plots and contour plots along with an automatic wedge detection feature giving users the ability to quickly, efficiently and accurately predict daylighting features as well as any potential rock hazards. 


We have some very exciting news - the new MKIII is in its final stages of development and assembling. Below is a working progress snapshot of the rig (shown in front of the previous MKII), now visibly smaller and lighter with close to indestructible cameras housed inside a brand new robust casing that is soon to be revealed. MKIII - first complete reveal in the 3rd quarter of 2019 - follow us on LinkedIn for the most recent updates, or contact us to be kept in the loop!