Financial Modelling

NPV One – Project evaluation at your fingertips.

NPV One is an online financial modelling tool specifically designed for the mining industry, allowing fast and accurate project evaluation with confidence, unlike error-prone and difficult to audit spreadsheet models. Easy to use, secure and with the convenience of online access from anywhere, NPV One is a genuine step-change in the quality of financial modelling tools available in the mining industry. Perfect for new project assessment, NPV One can also be applied to life of mine planning for existing mining operations. The input data for building NPV One models is obtained from the outputs of Datamine’s open pit and underground scheduling applications, along with the relevant financial assumptions such as commodity prices, capital and operating costs.

Who uses NPV One?

  • Executives
  • Study Managers
  • Technical / Commercial Analysts

Inside NPV One

Save time and money

NPV One saves cost, time and resources by eliminating the need to build your own spreadsheet models. Spreadsheet project evaluation models often become too complex and are prone to formula and programming errors. NPV One allows the sharing and multi-use of the evaluation model maintaining output confidence at all times.

Simple Scenario Model Comparisons

NPV One allows companies to commence preliminary financial modeling early in the project study phase. NPV One used early can reduce the time and cost for optimising project parameters and maximising the NPV of the project. NPV One scenario evaluation is a powerful tool to help select final options before expensive study costs. NPV One is self-explanatory, easy to use and is quick at project evaluation. Once you receive the login details it will take you a relatively short time before a full project financial model can be created. NPV One allows CEOs to quickly review many scenarios and understand the project sensitivities which is important for decision making.

Multiple Users and Single Database Storage

Spreadsheet models are often complex and limited to only one user. Spreadsheet models version management and storage are also often difficult to control. NPV One is a secure, cloud based solution which allows up-to-date models to be used by anyone anywhere in the world.

Stands up to International Funding Due Diligence and Audit

NPV One withstands the scrutiny, audit and due diligence process of major banks and fund providers. NPV One is secure, so model logic and parameters cannot be modified by reviewers, providing confidence. NPV One models have been audited by institutions such as Standard Chartered Bank.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quick and accurate project evaluation with confidence
  • Saves money and time by using a proven online model
  • Simple scenario model comparisons
  • Enables early decision-making
  • Simple to use – allowing CEOs to scenario plan
  • Web based – multiple users and single database storage
  • Stands up to international funding due diligence and audit
  • Tailored for the mining industry