Datamine offers several flexible licensing options designed to suit the needs of your business from a sole trader through to large corporates sharing licenses globally. We will work with you to decide on the optimal configuration and access mechanisms to help maximise the utilisation of your software investment while providing full control over the users and access.

Single User

Ideal for sole traders or users that require full time access to their application without the requirement to share across a network. Available locked to a hard drive serial number or to a physical dongle that can be plugged into the USB port of the computer in use.

Networked – On premise

Small to medium sized groups often use licenses on a part time basis, shared between users at one or more mine sites, all located on a common domain. Datamine provides a dual-mode security feature of a dongle combined with a license key. Licenses are served from a central server controlled by the customer’s IT department with Datamine’s license management software installed. Named groups of users can be defined and provided access to certain license pools, all configurable in-house. It is possible to work off-line by checking out a license if a user knows they will be away from a network connection for a period of time. This is ideal for field work or periods of travel. Even if the user cannot reconnect to the network, the license automatically expires at the end of the check-out period and is reinstated on the network, available to other users. Users not on the same domain must use VPN to access licenses if this is required external to the company’s intranet.

Networked – Cloud hosted

For large enterprises with significant numbers of users, or smaller firms requiring greater flexibility, Datamine’s cloud hosted solution provides many advantages without compromising security or control. There is no requirement to maintain your own network infrastructure or hardware, as the licenses are configured by Datamine on a secure cloud server that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. All the same features as on-premise networked licenses are available, without the need to be on a common domain, and with the added benefit of 99.9% uptime and no risk of losing dongles or hardware failure. Maximum convenience, minimum hassle.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

All Software licenses issued by Datamine are subject to our End User License Agreement. This protects your rights as a customer and those of Datamine as the IP owner and is an important part of the customer/supplier relationship. To read the full EULA, click here. It is also available for review during the installation process or from the Help menu within our products.