Datamine provides a full range of open pit planning applications from strategic long term optimization, pit design and reserve generation through to short term material destination and operational equipment scheduling. This integration ensures robust strategic plans are executed reliably on the ground. With powerful animations and a range of other visual and numerical output formats, communicating plans throughout your organization is a breeze.

Strategic Planning

NPV Scheduler

NPV Scheduler provides a complete strategic open pit mine planning system with functionality spanning everything from pit optimization, pushback generation, cut-off grade optimization, scheduling, haulage optimization and stockpile management.

The system caters for alternative techniques beyond NPV for pit optimization to take account of material blending requirements or to maximize mine life. The innovative pushback generator delivers the most practical pushbacks of any competing product and the scheduling capability includes optimization techniques that look ahead to the entire life of the mine as opposed to considering just one period at a time.

Summit Strategic Open Pit Planning (SOPP)

Summit cloud processing technology unlocks the opportunity to take strategic analysis to a whole new level. Using the trusted optimization techniques of NPVS in a high performance computing environment delivers the ability to rapidly assess hundreds or even thousands of strategic scenarios. Summit SOPP provides an increased understanding of value drivers, risk profiles, and the likelihood of achieving targeted financial outcomes. Scenarios are collated, stored and reported automatically in a secure cloud environment. Charts, reports and 3D data views are easily shared between authorised users without the need for transferring data between sites or offices. Results files from your preferred scenario can be downloaded to Studio OP for more detailed design and scheduling.

In the current period of price and cost uncertainty, Summit SOPP allows you to pre-plan design and operating responses to changing conditions – invaluable insights for challenging times.

Mine Design and Scheduling

Studio OP

Studio OP is a complete design and scheduling package for medium to short term planning of open pit mines. With a highly visual and interactive environment, Studio OP is packed with tools that make designing pits and waste dumps, preparing data and scheduling a breeze. The system includes sophisticated optimisation routines to achieve desired financial outcomes or product blend specifications with minimal manual intervention.
Schedules can be optionally exported to EPS for communication, reporting or further manipulation with its intuitive Gantt chart interface.


DataBlast is a multi-user system covering the entire drill and blast process from design to in-field operations. Electronically transfer data, respond to changes in real time, and generate reconciliation reports. Identify trends and improve blasting performance over time.

Effectively design and implement your blasting plans to achieve consistent high quality results every time.

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The unique 3d-Dig technology validates short term mine designs and schedules by performing a detailed simulation of the digging process for draglines, truck/shovel and dozer operations.
Used in conjunction with Studio OP, 3d-Dig can deliver a feedback loop in the planning cycle that improves design decisions and schedule compliance. This detailed modelling can greatly reduce the risk of poorly estimated mining rates or issuing excavation plans with impractical extraction sequences. The ability to visualize in 3D a detailed mathematical model of waste dumping is a valuable tool for checking plans prior to issue and for reviewing and communicating with supervisors and operators.
The landform reshaping module provides an exceptional toolset to rapidly and accurately estimate and plan the rehabilitation process, an area of mine planning that is often under-estimated in terms of operational complexity and budget impact.