Open Pit Design & Scheduling


Studio OP

Studio OP is a complete design and scheduling product for short and medium term planning of open pit mines. Packed with functionality for automated reserve generation, pit design and scheduling, Studio OP makes generating and comparing alternative mine plans a breeze.

Studio OP uses sophisticated algorithms and data management throughout. Its innovative rules-based automated design sets a new standard for designing open pits and dramatically increases the number of alternative designs and layouts that can be considered.

When it comes to scheduling, with minimal manual intervention, Studio OP’s Auto Scheduler can be used to produce practically achievable schedules with desired financial outcomes, product blend specifications and realistic equipment movement.

Whether you have responsibility for producing medium term plans and budgets or detailed short term operational schedules, Studio OP can help achieve the best possible outcomes for your organisation.


Managed Workflow for Reserve Generation
  • Automatically generate detailed mining blocks and reserves from strategic mine plans.
  • Design and sequence detailed bench blocks.


Rule-Based Open Pit Design
  • Fast and smart automated design of pits: interactively edit rules for things like ramp positions, switchbacks and partial bench outlines and generate new designs within seconds.
  • High fidelity control of slope angles and berm widths etc. to honour geotechnical constraints.


Interactive and Automated Scheduling
  • Single comprehensive definition of mine infrastructure and equipment that is used for interactive and auto scheduling.
  • Smart mix of industry standard and proprietary optimisation algorithms for automatically obtaining practical schedules.

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