Underground Surveying.


The most advanced AutoCAD-based mine design software – Amine is the perfect tool for all underground mine surveyors. It includes a comprehensive suite of tools including a laser offset function, automated CMS slicing and underground monthly reporting summary. It simplifies and streamlines daily survey tasks whilst providing a more efficient and time-saving EOM reporting process. Amine can deliver automated workflows that align with your company’s current processes and needs, with the integrated ability to be fully customisable for each individual. It is flexible enough to be used for any commodity, ore body and mining method, while being intuitive enough for you to easily learn and adopt as it is based on the widely used AutoCAD software.

Amine Module Examples

VSurvey Memo

An in-built function that quickly and easily creates Survey Memos for Laser Offsets around a curve and auto-populates title blocks with design information. Saves you time and effort as well as provides accurate and reliable deliverables.

VSurvey Monthly Report

An in-built function and work flow that is simple and intuitive. It creates a ready-to-send report that reduces the time required to enter survey actuals into 3rd party platforms and delivers a polished finished product. Reports can also be customised to each site giving you ultimate flexibility.

VSurvey Mesh

Simple meshing tools to graphically mesh and create solids from surveyed drives.

Data Import

Import survey data then use new survey tools that can automatically join 2 surveys, and flexibly adjust the floor to the spot height levels.


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