Studio UG.

Design, Schedule & Optimisation.

Studio UG

Comprehensive UG Toolkit

Leading the way for integrated design and scheduling in underground mines – Studio UG is the comprehensive toolkit that has a unique, single step process to generate all scheduled activities from source data in seconds. Data preparation is completely automated to achieve an extremely efficient and robust system for delivering design data to your scheduling environment. Mine standards are incorporated in templates saving you time, whilst multiple users can work on portions of the mine simultaneously, eliminating the potential for doubling up of work or unnecessary redundancies. It can robustly handle larger datasets, multiple synchronised views and full block model display including slices, blocks and point cloud representations. Data processing can now be completed in one step as Studio UG processes all the data types with a single click. New sequence rules created using attributes delivers an additional method to generate sequence links, and the integrated scheduling features means a schedule can be rapidly updated with design changes without any loss of previous manual interventions within the schedule.



The in-built MSO optimiser applies the world’s leading design optimisation algorithms to generate stope shapes based on financial, geotechnical and operational considerations that can be tailored to your mine.  Investigate scenarios and sensitivities at the click of a button.



Multiple dynamically linked views give a true 3D perspective to the design process. Coupled with the ability to view all reference data such as drill holes, block models and survey actuals, the high performance visualisation platform allows you to take all relevant design considerations into account.



Automated data preparation features take you from the basis of a design to a comprehensive set of schedule tasks in record time.  Sequencing is dynamically linked to the schedule engine so that you are dealing with time-based activities from the outset, minimising the work required in the Gantt environment downstream.

3D Design

Visualise & interact in multiple dynamically connected 3D views

You can precisely interpret and digitise directly in 3D, with accurate snapping to survey as-builts, drill holes and other reference data as well as free-form drawing. Create points, polylines, polygons and surfaces, and edit, combine, cut and manipulate these objects to build up a comprehensive, detailed and accurate mine design.


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