Studio 3 MR23 Released

 In Software Release

Studio 3 MR23 is available for download now via the Datamine Support Website.

The latest release of Studio 3, Datamine’s industry-leading tool for resource and reserve evaluation, provides a number of powerful new features and functionality enhancements including the following:

New UNFOLD Wizard

Studio 3’s powerful UNFOLD command is now supported by a simple-to-follow wizard that allows you to step through the phases of unfolding an orebody for the purpose of grade estimation. The UNFOLD operation transforms a set of XYZ data into an Unfolded Coordinate System [UCS] as defined by a stratified geological unit.

Faster VR String Editing

As part of Datamine’s continuing program to make the VR window the best choice for design, the display of edited strings has been sped up dramatically. Even very large contour files can now be edited in the VR view and the changes seen as quickly as with the Design window.

Linestyle and Symbol Support in VR
Studio 3’s VR window now provides a wide range of formatting options to support a wide range of linestyles and symbols. Formatting will be automatically copied across from the Design window following a ‘vro’. Filled boundary strings are also now supported.

New VR Lables

The VR window now contains a powerful annotation function that permits the display of both 2D and 3D text in relation to data objects. Labels can be 2D or 3D and aligned to the specified data objects, the viewing plane or any custom azimuth and dip direction. Full control over fonts, colors (legends or fixed values), alignment and grouping. Labels can be either database values, freeform text or any combination of these within the same label – clearly and accurately enhancing the view of your data.

The VR window now recognises drillhole object types and allows drillhole data to be formatted using dedicated functions, separately from string data. The new labels functionality works seamlessly with drillhole data, providing 2D or 3D annotations to your data, reporting any value or combination of values relating to a particular drillhole position (collar, EOH or individual segment information). Drillholes can also be animated according to a sequence attribute.

New Blast Layout Wizard

The old blast layout commands have now been replaced by a brand new script-based wizard. This combines all the operations needed in one place to create and edit layouts and adds additional features such as proximity warnings with existing drilling and the provision of comprehensive reporting.

Schedule Update – Enhanced ISTS Report

Studio 3’s ISTS module has been enhanced to provide a more detailed report of the impact of a schedule update; where a new category of product is added to a block following an update (for example, following a change to the cut-off grade), this information is presented clearly, stating which block(s) in the schedule have been affected. This allows you to quickly and easily assign a destination/machine etc. and prevent unassigned ore volumes.

Please contact your local Datamine office for additional information regarding this release.


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