Studio 5D Planner MR23 Released

 In Software Release

Studio 5D Planner MR23 is now available for download via the Datamine Support Site.

The latest release of Studio 5D Planner, Datamine’s detailed mine planning system for open pit and underground operations, provides a number of powerful new features and functionality enhancements including the following:

New Automatic Attribute Type

A new attribute type has been added called ‘Automatic – By Filter’. This new attribute type allows assignment of values that are dependent upon the design definition description of an activity, design type of an activity, or for greater flexibility by using a predefined filter. This is a great way to shortcut the process, say, of adapting values to match a specific naming convention.

Streamlined Derived Activities, Outlines and FXS Processes

During Preparation, you can now choose to process with fewer mouse-clicks than before. The options for processing of Fixed Cross Sections and Outlines are now each accessed via their own options dialog, so you can set them and forget them. You have the option to proceed directly to wireframe creation after generating Walls and Points without having to click again. Derived Activity Generation can create the wireframes automatically following walls and points creation as well.

Design Definitions – Turbo Edition

The time taken to apply the Design Definitions has been significantly reduced due to optimization of the routines used to apply attributes throughout the command. Although this will largely depend on the data and definitions being applied, a speed up of 36x has been recorded, and even greater time savings are possible on larger data sets.

Linestyle and Symbol Support in VR

Studio 5D Planner’s VR window now provides a wide range of formatting options to support a wide range of linestyles and symbols. Formatting will be automatically copied across from the Design window following a ‘vro’, ensuring dependency directions and other supporting symbols are recreated automatically in the VR window.

New VR Lable Facility

The VR window now contains a powerful annotation function that permits the display of both 2D and 3D text in relation to data objects. Labels can be 2D or 3D and aligned to the specified data objects, the viewing plane or any custom azimuth and dip direction. Full control over fonts, colors (legends or fixed values), alignment and grouping. Labels can be either database values, freeform text or any combination of these within the same label – clearly and accurately enhancing the view of your data.

Drillhole Object Type in VR

The VR window now recognises drillhole object types and allows drillhole data to be formatted using dedicated functions, separately from string data. The new labels functionality works seamlessly with drillhole data, providing 2D or 3D annotations to your data, reporting any value or combination of values relating to a particular drillhole position (collar, EOH or individual segment information). Drillholes can also be animated according to a sequence attribute.

Export Directly to DXF and other formats

Already popular with Studio 3 users, this new facility allows the contents of the Design or Plots windows to be exported directly into a format which can subsequently be imported into AutoCAD – including DXF, and other vector formats. This offers significant advantages when using Studio 3 for geological interpretation, and other applications, such as AutoCAD, for mine planning.


Please contact your local Datamine office for additional information regarding this new release.


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