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CAE Mining to operate with two market-focused entities, rebranded as Datamine and CAE Mining – Simulation & Operator Training

Montreal, August 13, 2014 – CAE Mining, a division of CAE, announced today that its offering will now be segmented in two entities to enhance the focus on each of its areas of expertise. Datamine will be dedicated to the mining software market, consulting services and software training, while CAE Mining – Simulation & Operator Training will continue to offer simulation products and training services to mining operators.

“We are excited to be refreshing our brand and strategy. CAE has invested capital and expertise to improve and extend the product range,” said Damian McKay, President of Datamine and CAE Mining – Simulation & Operator Training. “Customers of both Datamine and CAE Mining Simulation & Operator Training will benefit from specific focus. We will continue to strive on delivering the highest standard of product quality and service to our customers.” Innovation will remain at the core of the business.

Datamine will continue with the development of the industry’s next generation of software, including Summit, the first cloud-based mining software solution, and the fourth generation of the industry-leading software platform Studio 3.

About Datamine

Datamine is a world leading provider of the technology and services required to seamlessly plan and manage mining operations. With operations in thirteen countries, Datamine provides solutions ranging from exploration data management and orebody modelling to mine planning and operations to over 1,400 companies worldwide. Our software solutions integrate with our consulting and training services to ensure that we provide our clients with industry-leading support and expertise.

About CAE Mining – Simulation & Operator Training

CAE Mining – Simulation & Operator Training supplies simulators and operator training programs for the full range of mining equipment types in both open pit and underground operations. CAE Mining’s simulators accurately emulate the real world conditions experienced by operators and offer the most advanced simulation technology available to the heavy equipment industry. Our high-fidelity simulators are delivered as part of an integrated offering with tailored operator training programs designed specifically to enhance sustainable operator performance and deliver tangible productivity improvements. By combining CAE’s recognized leadership in modelling, visualisation, simulation and training with mining industry expertise, CAE Mining – Simulation & Operator Training provides a fully-integrated training solution that extends beyond the basic operation of equipment, enhancing participant engagement and maximizing skill retention.

For further information contact:

Damian McKay

CEO, Datamine and CAE Mining – Simulation & Operator Training

+61 417 327 603


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