Latest release of underground blasting software Aegis now available

 In Software Release

Aegis v0.5.517.825 is available for download now via the Datamine Support Site.

The latest release of Aegis, the next generation in underground blasting software, provides a number of powerful new features and functionality enhancements including the following:

  • It is now possible to toggle the display of hidden wireframes in the ring view, plan view and long section view;
  • Light Table now also displays slot raises;
  • Aegis can now import Surpac .str files;
  • Export polylines, ring section lines and holes to DM, DXF and STR formats;
  • It is now possible to create an isosurface about rings or the entire stope without first having to create a blast;
  • New Backup/Restore functionality for Project Settings;

Ability to Export Ring Section Lines to DM, DXF and STR formats

This enhancement will allow users to provide the ring section strings electronically to surveyors so they can mark them up in the mine.


Ability to create Isosurfaces without first creating a Blast
Users now have the ability to isosurface individual rings including slots or the entire stope without first having to establish a blast. This is useful in cases where a firm standoff distance is required from, for example, a slot or rings in an adjacent stope.


Ability to toggle Hidden Wireframes in the Ring view, Plan view and Long Section view
There is also now a shortcut key combination (ctrl+shift+h) that will quickly toggle this.


New Backup/Restore Functionality for Project Settings
Added settings backup / restore functionality (located on the help tab) which allow a user to backup the current settings to a standard zip archive and restore from a specially formatted zip archive. This will allow a computer to be properly setup with Aegis and those settings can then be easily restored to new computers on the network.


Enhancements to Reports

  • It is now possible to re-centre the Ring View, Plan View and Long Section View by adjusting the centre coordinates or using the mouse to pan around. It is also possible to re-scale the view port by using the mouse wheel.


  • A display has been added to graphically illustrate the dump or rotation convention. It can display the rotation convention, dump convention or custom text.


  • Users now have the ability to change the position of the north arrow in the Plan view.
  • A new symbol (referencelineintersection) has been added, which resolves to the 3D coordinates of the intersection of the reference line and ring plane.
  • A scale bar item has been added.


  • An Azimuth Display has been added, which gives a nice graphical depiction of the ring’s look direction.



Download Aegis v0.5.517.825

For additional information regarding Aegis, please click here.


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