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Brisbane (Australia), September 15, 2014 – Datamine today announced the launch of SUMMIT, its cloud-enabled high performance computing and collaboration platform. The first module available on the SUMMIT platform is Strategic Open Pit Planning (SOPP). Utilizing scalable high performance computing power on the cloud, SUMMITSOPP can rapidly generate thousands of open pit planning scenarios. Strategic pit optimization studies that traditionally take several months to complete using regular desktop applications can be conducted in less than a day with SUMMITSOPP.

In addition to high performance computing capabilities, SUMMITSOPP has the convenience of simple deployment, as users access the system through a web browser and secure logon for technical work, analysis and reporting. There is no local desktop application to install or licenses to manage, and results can be shared with authorized users at the click of a button.

The business value delivered by SUMMITSOPP is an enhanced understanding of project risks, opportunities, and drivers of value in both brown and green field projects. Companies now have the ability to rapidly prepare plans in advance for a range of potential scenarios based on combinations of external and internal variables including prices, costs and geological uncertainty as well as mining and processing parameters such as slope angles, sinking rates, recoveries and more.

“SUMMITSOPP allows engineers to improve the efficiency of their work and deliver relevant information to management,” said Andy Lapworth, Technical Director for Datamine. “Carrying out the rigorous analysis required for managing risk and making investment decisions is now possible within a timeframe of days rather than months. Instead of spending huge amounts of time managing data and running a limited number of options, companies can truly be prepared for any scenario by spending more time understanding the results from multiple simulations.”

SUMMIT for Strategic Open Pit Planning is now officially available. Data Management, Underground Strategic Optimization and Resource Modelling solutions are scheduled for release in late 2014.

Register for the SUMMITSOPP launch webinar here:

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