Studio 5D Planner update

 In Software Release

Datamine has released the latest versions of Studio 5D Planner and EPS as we continue to strengthen our leading Underground Planning solution.

The latest update focuses on getting the job done faster through a number of performance improvements and time saving features.

Key new features for Studio 5D Planner

  • Dynamic design change feature to re-processes only the design items that have been edited or changed
  • Numerous speed improvements, including wall and point creation that is 100 times faster on a typical data set (more for large projects).
  • A new EPS exporter that eliminates the use of EXF files, improving reliability and speed
  • Complex Solids preparation has been streamlined to reduce the number steps
  • Now includes the Version 2 Stope Optimizer Engine for MSO users

Key new features for EPS

  • Material flow management with stockpiles and processing plant destinations
  • Auto-assigning resources using filters
  • An option to consider targets during levelling
  • A schedule comparison tool allows side by side analysis and highlighting of differences
  • In-line editing now available for actuals in the bar chart

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