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Brisbane (Australia), February 26, 2015 – The Datamine team are pleased to announce the official release of Sirovision 6. The latest release contains substantial enhancements for geotechnical engineers which will better assist them in identifying potential formation of hazards with a higher degree of certainty and accuracy.

Thanks to the newly automated 3D photogrammetric analysis system, users are now able to generate more sophisticated polyhedral block analysis in addition to the existing tetrahedral analysis for detecting simple wedges.  The introduction of domain mapping and pore pressure grids enable users to detect all types of unstable features with a higher degree of certainty. Structures can now be mapped across multiple 3D mosaics in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of rock wall stability in both open pit and underground mines.

“Sirovision 6 is all about detecting geotechnical hazards with a much higher level of reliability than traditional methods” said John Godfrey, Sirovision Solutions Manager for Datamine.

“All too often, potentially unstable features in excavations are analysed using fairly rudimentary spherical projection analysis, considering only orientation of structures.  On the other hand, Sirovision’s high density 3D point clouds don’t just enable structures to be mapped with high accuracy but enable the user to visualize the physical size, frequency and distribution of structures on scaled 3D surfaces. Sirovision 5.2 expanded this analysis to detect and map simple wedges daylighting on the rock face. Sirovision 6 takes this a significant step further by analysing complex structures, pore pressure grids, domain boundaries and other rock characteristics to automatically detect, not just wedges, but all kinds of unstable blocks on a rock wall. The user then has the ability to edit structure sizes and simulate resultant unstable features that may occur. This offers geotechnical engineers a method to identify the potential formation of hazards with a higher degree of certainty than ever before using 3D analysis”.

Version 6 is now available for download at

Please contact the Sirovision team at for further information.

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