Studio OP v2.2

Studio OP v2.2 has been released!

Studio OP has 2.2 has just been released and with this update comes a complete set of powerful new features as well as an overhaul to bring you a more intuitive user experience.

In this release of Studio OP new features will include:

Dynamic Pit Design: OP v2.2 includes tools for you to rapidly and automatically generate multiple pit designs honouring regional geotechnical constraints and reusable road layout rules.

To support this task, the following functions are introduced with v2.2. All new functions are fully documented and referenced in both context help and a new pit design tutorial:

o   Define Regions and Slopes
Slope control is enhanced with a new managed task to manage face angles and berm widths at the pit, region and rosette level.

o   Automatic Pit Contouring
Pit shell contours can be generated directly from a planning model containing optimized pit and pushback information.

o   Ramp Layout Design
Dynamically and interactively generate road layout rules in real time, including switchback support. Use these rules to model roads within your auto-pit design.

Auto Scheduler: The Auto Scheduler contains numerous enhancements. In addition, it:

o   Handles pre-scheduled data much more effectively to model what is actually happening on an operation.

o   Models loaders more precisely to produce more practical schedules with reduced loader movement.

o   Now runs on a desktop as well as on the cloud.

o   Is an order of magnitude faster (e.g. one minute instead of fifteen minutes for some data sets).

Cut and Fill: Studio OP’s cut and fill function has been overhauled for v2.2. A new interactive command allows cut and fill volumes to be calculated between two surfaces. This new command is supported by controls for categorising volumes between benches and within outlines and to evaluate against a bock model.

Benches from Surface Data: To allow non-horizontal and/or non-planar benches to be used to generate reserves, you can use 3D surfaces to define benches. This function features an on-import filter control.

Streamlined User Interface: To provide a more intuitive experience when using Studio OP, key aspects of the user interface have been modified. Tasks that define the mine layout structure and the base data have been moved to a Setup category in the ribbon.

Please note that Studio OP v2.2 will only be released as a 64 bit application.



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