Underground Survey Solution – Introducing Amine

Underground Survey Solution – Introducing Amine

Datamine has entered an exciting global distribution agreement with Flairbase to distribute the world-leading operations CAD/Survey solution – Amine.


Amine Underground Survey Actuals Import


Amine is the world’s most advanced AutoCAD-based operational mine design and survey software for underground mines. With this latest partnership, you are able to enjoy Flairbase’s industry-trusted custom software, whilst receiving the localised technical support Datamine is globally renowned for.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Effective, accurate day to day planning and survey features
  • Work in 2D or 3D sections
  • Easy to use and instinctive interface design
  • Effortlessly automate previously tedious tasks and workflow
  • Seamless data sharing capabilities between multiple users and long/medium term planning software systems
  • Multilingual support – English, French, Spanish and Russian


Layout Functionality

The layout features are used to design 3D structures such as drifts, ramps and raises in final detail ready to produce survey memos for construction. The grade line is the backbone of the 3D drift design procedure and to facilitate the design of the grade line, specific tools are provided to help you modify and connect grade lines after they are drawn. All graphical calculations are handled by the Amine software, simplifying the complexity of short term detailed mine design, and alleviating you from tedious mathematical manipulations, increasing work efficiency and productivity.

There are several grade line annotations options available, such as elevation, grade, length, azimuth, dip and radius of curvature that you can customise in accordance to your preferences through a configuration dialog. The software accommodates your company’s processes for a perfect fit within your existing systems.


Survey Functionality

Amine reads the survey data from a logger and systematically translates them to a more readable and retrievable format. It will perform all necessary mathematical and graphical calculations to determine the coordinates of all surveying objects, such as station points, wall points, back points, front points, diamond drill holes and bore holes, and notify you with an error message should there be any invalid data detected. Amine is also programmed to recognise and link different sets of points, such as back, floor and tope points together for easy readability and navigation. For example, back lines will be joined with back points, floor lines will be joined with floor points and tope lines with tope points. With these lines completely ready to use, a 3D solid model of the drift being surveyed can then be automatically produced  and important survey information can be effortlessly retrieved.


Amine – Construction of 3D Solids from Survey Pickup


To find out more or to schedule a demonstration of Amine, please get in touch with your local Datamine office.

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