Datamine Studio RM 1.4: Preview

Datamine Studio RM 1.4: Preview

A number of exciting new features are included in the upcoming release of Studio RM 1.4.

Studio RM is Datamine’s industry leading tool for resource and reserve evaluation, delivering the absolute quality, accuracy and reliability required by resource geologists. With the new 1.4 update, Studio RM maintains its position of the gold standard software unrivalled by its competitors.


Key Upgrades and Benefits

    • Brand new interactive contouring functionality
    • Importing of Point Cloud data
    • Advanced geostats making anisotropy identification easier
    • Extra search volume controls and interactive visual validation of samples
    • Refactored interactive string commands for higher performance
    • Multiple drillhole style alternatives
    • Easier preparation of drillhole samples for structural modelling


More for your Maintenance with new core features for Data Handling and Visualisation 

In addition to interactive string commands being refactored for performance, longer field name support in Datamine files, and improvements to the undo/redo functionalities, the core system also now includes:

  • The import of Point Cloud data such as LIDAR and Las files. Point clouds can be declustered on import and rendered using RGB values in the source data.
  • Multiple alternative Drillhole Styles can now be applied to holes in the 3D window including applying images such as core tray photos.
  • Brand new interactive Contouring functionality can be used to contour surface elevations, grades or elevations of drillhole intercepts.
  • Surface Reconstruction from a point cloud e.g. stope and drive surveys.


Advanced Geostats is the New Norm

Studio RM Variogram Map Screenshot

Studio RM – Variogram Map

One way of dealing with poor quality variograms is to deal with normalised (normal score) grades, this functionality is now embedded within the Geostats workflow.

Dynamic legends and lag adjustments in the 3D map window make the identification of anisotropy even easier.

Estimation has also been improved with additional features such as extra search volume controls and interactive visual validation of samples used to estimate a block. Uniform Conditioning now uses the same multi-threaded, faster estimation used in the Advanced Geostats module.


Studio RM – Dynamic and Static Hole Examples

Studio RM – Dynamic and Static Hole Examples

Structural Remodelling

The preparation of drillhole samples for structural modelling is now even easier using two new sample management functions to:

  • Interactively assign lithologies in drillholes to mining material groups e.g. High Grade Ore
  • Select samples within a mining material group and assign them to a mining unit e.g. Vein

A new automatic vein modelling preview command is available to construct veins from selected samples. This handles pinch-outs, has multiple boundary control options that reduce the need for manual control and editing, and the sample end points form points in the output surface which ensures precise matching of the input samples and the vein hanging wall and footwall. The underlying Gaussian process allows for the option of variable uncertainty in the input data to  be specified.


For more information on the latest Studio RM 1.4 release or our other software solutions, please call your local Datamine Office.

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