Studio EM Version 2.3 Official Release

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At Datamine, we have always worked to make sure our end users continuously get the most value from our software products and dedicated maintenance, which is why we are extremely excited to announce that the latest Studio EM Version 2.3 has been officially released! It has been over a year since the last version update and our team have gone to great efforts in adding new features, improvements and major bug fixes to this release. Studio EM is the ideal solution for projects at the exploration or early pre-feasibility stage with tools for statistical analysis of samples, geological interpretation and block modelling. Version 2.3 is a beneficial upgrade to previous versions of Studio EM and/or Downhole Explorer as it includes major core speed improvements such as 100 x faster outline generation and 1300 x faster string linking. Please see Studio Core Improvements Infographics for an overview of the functions that have been significantly upgraded. For a full list of new features and comprehensive release notes, please visit the webpage using the link provided below.


New Features



Access to 3 new commands that can be used to generate contours from input points and drillhole data:

·         generate-contours-from-points

·         generate-contours-from-holes-intercepts

·         generate-distance-contours.



New functionality to support point data generated by drones, LIDAR, CMS and other automated survey tools for increased flexibility and function.



Downhole column formatting is significantly improved to allow display in situ histograms, line graphs, bitmaps, angle graphs, labels and other data formats in the 3D window alongside each drillhole. Various options are available to control if, how and where this information appears.

And Many More…


To find out more about the new features and upgrades Version 2.3 offers, please visit our webpage for the release download link, release notes, highlight video and accompanying infographics.

If you have any questions about Studio EM, its update release, or any of our other Datamine products, please contact your local Datamine office or email us at


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