Studio RM Version 1.4 Official Release

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Our Datamine team have worked on this highly anticipated release for over 12 months and a cumulative 4640 hours. Their efforts have definitely not gone to waste or gone unnoticed as we proudly announce the official release of Studio RM Version 1.4 – our most extensive update release yet. Packed with heaps of great new features, core improvements and bug fixes, Version 1.4 is a very important upgrade that will make sure you see significant differences in performance, speed, efficiency and user interactivity. We always make sure value is consistently added for our end users by continuing our innovative approach and constant software development. 

Along with Studio RM specific improvements, our developers continuously make Studio core upgrades that result in substantial speed increases such as a 120 x increase in the smooth string function speed and a 500 x increase in projecting string onto wireframe speed. Greater speed makes for greater efficiency and that is what we at Datamine aim to consistently deliver to our end users through constant software development. Please view the Studio Core Improvements Infographic for an overview of what was upgraded and just how much faster you can now perform these functions.


Here is a snapshot of the amount of work invested by our team over the development period.


New Features


Implicit Modelling – Vein Modelling Command

New implicit modelling commands are introduced with this update. This command uses an input samples file to model a vein surface implied by a unique key field value. You have full control over the inter-sample surface/continuity, uncertainty of data and edge treatment.

Point Cloud Reconstruction

New functionality to support point data generated by drones, LIDAR, CMS and other automated survey tools, giving you increased flexibility and format compatibility.

3D Window Downhole Formatting Options

Downhole column formatting is significantly improved to allow display in situ histograms, line graphs, bitmaps, angle graphs, labels and other data formats in the 3D window alongside each drillhole. Various options are available to control if, how and where this information appears.

And Many More…


To find out more about all the new features and upgrades Version 1.4 offers, please visit our webpage where you can find the new release download link, comprehensive release notes, videos and accompanying infographics.

If you have any questions about Studio RM, its update release, or any of our other Datamine products, please contact your local Datamine office or email us at

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