Datamine Announces Partnership with Paradyn

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Datamine and Paradyn Systems are pleased to announce a partnership to deliver the BlendOpt solution to the global mining industry. BlendOpt is a proven solution for mining value chain optimisation from mine to market including stockpiling, blending, processing, rail and port operations.

Paradyn has developed specific mathematical optimisation and artificial intelligence algorithms to efficiently, effectively, and robustly optimise mining value chains. Delivered as a cloud solution, BlendOpt models can be run on short term through to life of mine optimisation problems, with results automatically collated and presented graphically with online data analytics and data visualisation tools.

By combining BlendOpt with Datamine’s leading tools for pit optimisation, mine design and detailed mine scheduling, mine operators can ensure the value captured in the mine plan is delivered throughout the downstream material handling process.¬† Revenue improvements of $10-50M are achievable for most typical medium sized mines through the optimisation of product blend and material handling logistics.

With over 2000 customers located in more than 100 countries, Datamine provides the reach and scale to deliver BlendOpt to the global mining industry. Teams of mining professionals on the ground in 20 locations cater for local language, time zones and industry knowledge to ensure successful implementation and support of the BlendOpt solution in every corner of the globe.

To discuss how BlendOpt can add value to your operation, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact your local Datamine office or fill out the online form here.



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