Studio UG Customer Site Testing Commences

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Studio UG v2.0 is now available as a customer beta version for testing with site-specific data sets. The development team is continuing in parallel to add finishing touches and improve user interface elements based on user feedback. This phase of testing is also critical for uncovering any data-specific issues that may arise, and benchmarking performance of component processes on large data sets.

Whilst the learning curve for existing users of Studio 5D Planner is not too steep, Studio UG is a completely new software product and does contain some different features, workflow and interface elements.  To make the transition as easy as possible, we are providing a weekly blog that highlights one feature at a time in bite sized pieces.  Please click here to sign up to the blog and view the first instalment.

In addition to online video resources, Studio UG contains extensive help files within the product, and detailed user training manuals and upgrade manuals are currently under development. We are excited about the improvements in store and look forward to rolling out upgrades to mine sites in coming months.


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