Q1 2019 Training & Events – Recap

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PDAC Convention Toronto

The annual PDAC Convention was held in Toronto, Canada from 1-4 March. It is one of the biggest events in the mineral exploration industry with over 1,000 exhibitors and 25,000 attendees spanning over the four days, and our team were proud to be one of the exhibitors this year. We organised a special presentation and demonstration led by our Exploration Product Manager, John Shippick, to introduce the new Datamine Discover Mobile app. The team had fantastic feedback not only about the convenient capabilities of the app, which allow users to take their data out into the field using their mobile, but also with the vast range of Datamine solutions they were introduced to which could help streamline their daily tasks and processes.

PDAC gave us the wonderful opportunity to meet many users as well as industry partners, some of whom we’ve talked to on the phone for months, or even years without having the chance to meet face to face! It is always a pleasure to be part of PDAC, and we can confidently say – see you next year!



Copperbelt Conference

We hosted our inaugural annual Copperbelt Conference from 4-7 March 2019 at the newly opened Garden Court Hotel in Kitwe, Zambia.   The conference gave Datamine the opportunity to showcase our flagship software (DiscoverStudio RMOre ControllerStudio UGMSO and Aegis) as well as introduce our newer line of software (Amine, Studio Survey and DataBlast) to the Zambian market in response to the growing need for efficient mining solutions for operations.  It was well attended with over 30 delegates including surveyors, geologists, mining engineers and mine managers with a wide range of technical expertise.

The event was structured in the form of a two-day conference and two-day workshop.  During the conference we had a diverse range of technical sessions including basic and advanced resource estimation led by Benny Chisonga, open pit and underground survey presented by Kalumba Bwale and Ben Vagg, mine planning presented by Henrique Silva as well as operational drill and blast led by Aron Muniz.  The two workshops offered ran simultaneously which focused on Resource Estimation and Mine Planning allowed the delegates to get hands on experience with the software in a more personal setting.

“This week I learnt quite a lot by simply being in the presence of people that have been in the mining industry for decades and worked through the improvements in technology. Survey hardware improvements from the RDS through to the Total Station. Cutting down the time to generate a measure report from 14 days of field work and processing to 3 days of the same. With Amine Survey, the next paradigm shift is here. Survey memos in under 2 minutes, drive solids within 10 seconds and automated stope dilution analysis. In 5 years’ time surveyors will be wondering how they managed.” – Kalumba Bwale, Business Analyst Survey – Central East Africa Region, Datamine Africa. 

“I enjoyed the one-on-one interaction during the Mine Planning workshop.”– Shadvin Kalombo, Underground Manager, Mopani Copper Mines.

Our 1st Annual Copperbelt Conference was a great success and we look forward to doing it all again next year!

For more photos, please click here.



SME Conference Colorado

Three of our Datamine representatives – Michael Tummons, Damian Gregory and Marcelo Teixeira attended the annual SME 2019 Conference from 24-27 February in Denver, Colorado. It was a fantastic conference with over 6,000 geologists and mining professionals in attendance which made it the perfect space to showcase our geological/GIS solutions as well as our vast range of engineering solutions from planning to operations. Our team met a variety of individuals from well established companies as well as many budding junior exploration geologists and universities. Despite ranging levels of industry experience, a common theme was the high level of interest related to our implicit geological modelling (Studio RM) and automatic ramp/pit design (Studio OP) functionalities. Some of this interest was garnered from individuals who hadn’t touched Datamine in over a decade, and yet were pleasantly pleased and impressed with the outstanding speed and capabilities of our Studio Suite.

It was an eventful few days and as the event was coming to a close, this gave our team the great opportunity to also touch base with some Denver locals and make preparations for next year’s SME Conference. Being able to connect to old and new faces within the industry including clients, partners, colleagues and friends was the highlight of the Conference such as our iRing colleagues Troy Williams and Mark Sherry, as well as the team at ESRI who shared our excitement for the development and upcoming release of Discover for ArcGIS Pro. We are certainly looking forward to the 2020 SME Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ next year – we hope to see many of you there!


Indaba Cape Town

The annual Investing in African Mining Indaba event held from 4-7 February in Cape Town was the largest gathering in South Africa of investors, mining executives and junior miners from across the globe.

The week started out with a Meet and Greet Reception and a quick keynote address by Sandra McCardell – Canada’s High Commissioner to South Africa – where our team was able to learn more about some of the attendees at this year’s event. The start of the event on Monday 4 February was buzzing with energy as people began networking and introducing themselves to other attendees, creating a great and lively atmosphere at the event. It was fantastic for our team to have the chance and meet everyone face to face, talk about industry trends, technology innovations, as well as bounce back personal anecdotes or their own careers.

Marius van Niekerk, Datamine Africa’s Business Lead presented a couple of demos of our market-leading software; showcasing just a bit of what it can do for exploration, mine planning and operations. As always, we look forward to engaging with the people we met at the event and to continue providing leading technical tools and the highest standards of customer service to the global mining industry.

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Sudan International Mining Business Forum & Exhibition 

Datamine recently attended the 4th annual Sudan International Mining Business Forum and Exhibition (SIMFE) from 18 – 20 February 2019 in Khartoum, Sudan. SIMFE serves as the largest and only international mining event in this region. Hosted by the Ministry of Petroleum, Gas and Minerals, it aims to promote Sudan’s rich mining sector to investors and international companies.

Consultant Freddy Kapako presented on the value of investing in efficient mining solutions on day 2 of the exhibition. He touched on what efficiency refers to in the mining context and how investing in this can ensure increased productivity and efficient environmental protection for future generations. He also included case studies using Datamine’s DatablastSirovision and Studio OP software which were well received by the audience.

“I liked your Showcase at the Sudan Mining Exhibition. Very nice and well-organised presentation. The software capabilities were beyond expectations. Three thumbs up!,” said Mohamed Tawfig, Mining Engineer.

The exhibition was followed by a one-day workshop held on 21 February showcasing our mining solutions to a full conference venue. Datamine’s one-day workshop was well-attended with a room of 40+ delegates which included a number of high-level executives. The agenda included geological database management, exploration and environmental management, geological modelling as well as mine planning. As always, we value the feedback received by our clients at events like these and look forward to building stronger relationships in the region.

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Peru Training Sessions

The Datamine Peru office holds regular training for software solutions ranging from Studio RM – geological modelling to Studio UG – design and underground planning. Below are some happy snaps from the training sessions so far this year, and here is a link to the 2019 Peru Training Course schedule [English][Spanish]. Many of the training sessions were dedicated to students only as we continue to realise our commitment to the next generation of mining professionals, whatever their area of expertise is! It is most enjoyable to see the sparkle in their eyes and thirst for knowledge as they enter into an age where all aspects of mining are further and further being enhanced and automated by the advances of technology, which Datamine are proud to be the leader of. As we teach them new ways of executing tasks from mine planning, designing and operations, we are constantly reminded of how far technological innovations have come and where we are all headed in the near future. Thank you to all students who attended and completed our course, and please remember that the various types of software you are adopting now as a routine normality was once all done on pen and paper!

If you would like to know more about these courses held in Peru, or would like to schedule in a private training session for your company, please contact Alicia Robles at alicia.robles@dataminesoftware.com



DataBlast & BlastPad Student Training

Another dedicated student training course we held was conducted from 28 January – 1 February in Johannesburg which focused on both the theoretical components and practical exercises of DataBlast and BlastPad. Led by Aron Muniz and Monalisa Mesquita, the training course included a step-by-step tutorial on the main functions of DataBlast, encompassing all stages of drill and blast activities with realistic parameters in a simulated mining environment. All modules were covered to create the complete experience of using the software from beginning to end – Design, Drill, Measure, Charge and Initiation. Students were also introduced to BlastPad, allowing them to simulate interaction with field activities. Monalisa Mesquita, one of the training organisers, commented, “I really liked the way the students seemed to be interested in the content. I believe they learnt more than the software but also many drilling and blasting concepts. It was very gratifying to see them gaining knowledge and enjoying the training.”.

Some student feedback and comments:

“DataBlast training exceeded my expectations. I learnt a lot of concepts and reasoning behind the design of blasts. The software is powerful as it covers the entire process of drilling to blasting with six modules and real-time tracking on BlastPad. The presenters have so much information to share.” Kgothatso Msibi (Wits)

“I’m very grateful to be given an opportunity to be part of the informative and interesting DataBlast training. I have learned a lot from this training and enjoyed every moment of it. DataBlast is very interesting and is something I would like to do or work with in the future. Thank you for the opportunity and for making our learning fun.”  Milicent Ramoshu (UJ)

“Thank you for delivering a fantastic course. The content was great and very relevant to me. It was a well delivered and presented course that was well received by the group. There was a great balance between theory and practice and the concepts were clearly and professionally explained.” Tendai Mapeta (UJ)

“It was a great learning experience which improved my understanding of drilling and blasting. I had a great time playing around with all the modules, from design module all the way to reporting and analytics. DataBlast is definitely one software package that I would like to use at some point in my career. Thanks to Datamine for this great opportunity they gave us.” Atang Maqelepo(Wits)





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