Studio UG Update

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The Studio UG upgrade rollout has continued to gather momentum in recent months, with positive feedback from customers about the automation and time saving features, great graphics and simplified workflow.  To date, over 600 licenses have been issued to 110 customers in 28 countries.

One of our favourite new features is the project dashboard (left), which provides a really fast and simple way of obtaining an overview of your project physicals and information about the latest changes. You can even interactively drill down into the physicals for each design type at the click of a button.

For more detailed dashboards that provide insights during the scheduling process, we recommend the extensive charting and dashboard features in EPS (right). These powerful dashboards help you to instantly visualise the impact of schedule changes, resource constraint or blend target outcomes.


Watch our overview video for a quick introduction to the suite of improvements in Studio UG. Or for bite sized videos that explain each new feature in 2 minute chucks, remember to visit the album for our Studio UG blog here.

Can’t view the video on Vimeo? Watch it on YouTube.



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