Aegis Break Module

Aegis Break Module

The newest Aegis update release, Version 4.6 introduces the innovative Break Module alongside many more new features. 

The AEGIS Break Analyser uses unit charges and stress reflection methodology in conjunction with electronic detonator timing to deliver blast design resulting in optimal fragmentation. It is possible to reduce power consumption in crushing and grinding, and in some cases to eliminate the need for crushing altogether. There is significant scope to reduce capital and/or operating costs for new or existing mining operations.

The unique workflows and calculators used allow ring designs to be planned from scratch as well as an ability to improve existing designs. It is also possible to evaluate relative performance when switching to new explosive products from new suppliers. The AEGIS Break Analyser has a function to add new explosive products to the explosives database and allows you to run through current and previous designs to evaluate potential improvements, or determine potential unexpected diminished performance when all parameters are kept constant.

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, the integration of AEGIS Break Analyser into your mine’s current processes is extremely seamless and non-disruptive, and decreases your overall processing costs.


Find out what else is new in the newest version of Aegis below: 



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