Underground Drill and Blast.

Rapid Drill & Blast

for underground mines

Aegis is the next generation in underground blasting software, providing automated underground drill and blast design. The system allows users to rapidly compare different scenarios and produce ring layouts, charging plans and blast letters to paper or directly to compatible drill rigs using IREDES. Aegis even optimizes the ring layout and charging to achieve a desired fragmentation outcome and reduce costs.



The Aegis design tools allow users to rapidly design and compare different scenarios and produce ring layouts, charging plans and blast letters to paper or directly to compatible drill rigs using IREDES.

  • Fast and Repeatable – Automated processes guided by user input parameters deliver consistent designs to site standards.
  • Compare Scenarios – Quickly generate different ring layouts and charging patterns.
  • Integrated Solution – Seamlessly connected data sources with Studio UG mine planning software and common engine for geological evaluation.


Aegis Analyzer adds additional features including break limit prediction,
blast dilution analysis and more.

  • Calibrate and estimate excavation break limits using Klein, Holmberg-Persson or Liu-Katsabanis blast energy algorithms.
  • Conduct comprehensive first principles cost analysis for every blast scenario.
  • Compare scenarios for cost and blast prediction to optimise your blasting strategy and improve mine-to-mill performance.

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