Discover Training in Australia

Discover Training in Australia

In recent months, Datamine have conducted a series of Australian-based training programs with the Datamine Discover and Datamine Discover 3D applications. Both Discover and Discover 3D are specialist GIS programs designed for the Exploration and Geology industries to assist in the efficiency of daily work tasks. The attendees were from a variety of backgrounds and commodities and were all able to gain greater insight into the use cases, workflow and tools within the application suite. As we continue to develop our products and find ways to add more value for our users, our software updates always come with an array of new functionalities and improvements, which makes it imperative to maintain a comprehensive and practical understanding of the software to obtain full benefits. This is why we place ongoing training as a priority – to maximise the value our users receive from our software solutions. 


Meet our Datamine Discover Trainers:



The attendees were hands-on with the following topics during the two-day training courses:

  • General GIS concepts, tips & tricks.
  • Map window, projection theory & navigational tips.
  • Professional map creation & presentation.
  • Data transformation, enrichment & querying.
  • Data entry, GPS integration & field-based data collection.
  • Exploration targeting & geochemical analysis.
  • Drillhole project setup, section creations, drillhole analysis & professional presentation.
  • Gridding & analysing exploration data.
  • 3D data visualisation & analysis.


Datamine Events

We have more Discover Training Courses scheduled for October in both our Perth and Brisbane offices due to popular demand, please visit our Events Page for more information and registration.


Discover Training Photo Gallery:




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