Exploration GIS.


GIS Suite For Explorers

The Datamine Discover Suite is designed especially for the Mining and Exploration industry. It provides a seamless suite of tools for compiling, visualizing, analysing, and mapping 2D and 3D spatial geoscience data.

Built on the highly regarded MapInfo GIS platform, our sophisticated range of products can take you from assessing ground for acquisition through to drilling and basic resource modelling of your mineral assets. If you’re an explorer, environmental consultant or mine geologist, Datamine Discover will enhance your productivity by leveraging superior tools to complete your day to day tasks.



Datamine Discover 64-bit is the indispensable GIS package for the compilation, mapping and analysis of spatial geosciences information, such as drillhole, geophysical, geochemical and geological field data. Discover is ideal for conducting regional exploration programs, prospect-scale drilling, geotechnical evaluations or environmental monitoring.


Discover 3D

Looking for greater insight? Transform two-dimensional GIS into a full 3D system with Discover 3D. Fully integrated with MapInfo 64-Bit, Discover 3D is designed to meet the needs of geologists, environmental scientists, cartographers, exploration managers, and petroleum engineers.

Discover 3D is much more than a visualiser, providing users with a suite of modelling tools. These can assist in trend interpolation, experimentation with mineralisation scenarios, lithological delineation and structural extensions. Modelling capabilities include wireframing with tieline controls, extrusion, grid surface interpolation, as well as block (voxel) modelling with methods such as inverse distance weighting.


Discover PA

Discover PA enables users to visualise, analyse and process geophysical line data grids, modelling, images, drills, maps and 3D visualisations in a single interactive interpretation environment.


Datamine Discover 2017

New Update Release is Here!

Datamine Discover 2017 64-bit Update Release is now ready, please note this is an update release and doesn’t require a new licence update.

If you have any queries about your upgrade entitlements please do not hesitate to contact us. If you require support for your software, please contact our Support Team.

Datamine is pleased to provide a new update release of Datamine Discover as part of your maintenance agreement.

MapInfo Enhancements

Quick Search Tool

The Quick Search Tool helps the user make an easy transition from 32 to 64 bit. By typing the function, required in the search window, the user is presented with a list of relevant options. On selection of a function the tool is opened and a box highlights the relevant menu item, showing the user where the tool can be found for future reference.

Mini Toolbars

Mini Tool Bars allow the user to customise a tool bar that they can easily access by right clicking the mouse. The tool bars are context sensitive and can be created for Map or Layout Windows. Tool bars can be customised for specific scenarios like digitising.  The ease of access to these functions for a specific task greatly improves productivity.

Layout Improvements

Layout Templates

The ability to create and save different layout templates lets the user be more creative with layout formats that users can re-reference easily.

Smart Text

Smart text allows the user to enter Mapbasic commands into text windows to automatically display the result based on variables like Date etc. If I type ${Date} into a text box the current days date will be displayed in the text box.

Static Layout Windows

Unlike MapInfo 32-bit a user can insert a static map or image into a layout window.  This means you don’t have to register an image or be careful not to move a map placing it in a layout frame

New Create Points Interface

A new look to one of MapInfo’s commonly used tools, give points a spatial reference easily with this new user interface.

Thematic Maps Improvements

New Thematic Mapping UI

A new thematic user interface allows users to change styles and value ranges of their thematic maps. Easily change colours by selecting from modern looking templated colour palettes

Interactive Thematic Filtering

Easily turn thematic layers on and off with the click of a tick box

Reintroduction of Overview Tool

An old favourite the Overview tool has be reintroduced. This tool marks the extent of a map window on another map of a larger scale.

Pitney Bowes Web Services Access: Drivetime and Geocoding

Pitney Bowes has given limited free access to its Geocoding and Drivetime web based services to MapInfo users. With this a user can geocode (create a lat/long point from an address) and create drivetime regions based on road networks from a location.

Discover Enhancements

Projection Editor Tool

The New Projection Editor Tool enables users to edit the MapInfo projection file directly either creating or modifying an existing entry. The tool enables the user to enter the parameters intuitively and easily.

Structure Symbols

Added Right Hand Rule to Apply Structure Symbols tool.

Added ability to use a table selection for the Apply Structure Symbols tool rather than the entire table.

GPX Improvements

Added ability to export a line as a GPX track in the Export GPX tool.

Added support for Importing Garmin GPX files.

Datamine Fusion Import Tool

Easily import Data from Datamine’s world class Geological Data Management System Fusion. Export directly out of Fusion into Tab files which can then easily be put into a drillhole project. The Fusion export tool has sophisticated filtering features so you will only export the data you need.

Datamine Studio Export Tool Grid To Image

Seamlessly convert grids to images so they can be draped over a wireframe in Studio EM. Take your geochem and geophysics grids and drape them over your topography in 3D.

Studio And Leapfrog Export MRR Support

The Datamine and Leapfrog exporter tools, now support exporting separate bands from an MRR Grid file.

General Improvements

Added support for GDA 2020 projection in numerous tools.

Affine Projection support for Geopackage in Drillhole Module.

Upcoming Discover 2018 Release Late 2018

Dynamic Projects

To facilitate the seamless transfer of data from Discover to Discover Mobile or Discover to a 3D Environment. The Dynamic project tool will seamlessly take data back and forth from your external data formats.

Discover Mobile

  • Take your data into the field on your phone or tablet device.
  • Collect point data with pre-defined attribute picklists.
  • Navigate to where you want to collect your data.
  • Seamlessly sync your data back via the cloud or desktop.
  • Available to all existing Discover users that have an active maintained licence.

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