Geological Data Management.


Valuable Data

Geological data forms the fundamental underlying basis for resource models and mining resource/reserve evaluations. It is critical for mining and exploration companies to protect this investment with modern governance systems to control the process and securely store the data. Datamine offers a comprehensive range of integrated products for data capture, analysis, storage and reporting of geological data as well as geotechnical and geochemical information.

Data Collection

DH Logger

Drill Hole Logging

Plan, log, view and manage all of your downhole-related data directly at your worksite with the premier drillhole logging software, DHLogger. Whether your drillhole application is for exploration or production, for geology, geochemistry, geotechnical, geophysical, hydrogeology or any other field, DHLogger provides you with the tools you need for quick and accurate data collection. DHLogger is a fully flexible logging system that can be configured to meet all of your specific drilling and data collection requirements.

Soil samples

Sample Station

Collect and store your field sample data in Sample Station, a versatile field sampling and real-time environmental monitoring application that allows for rock, soil, water, air and other environmental material data to be collected and stored.


3D Mine Mapping

MineMapper3D facilitates the mapping of Geoscientific features in the mine in true 3D in all mining environments. Using existing mine surveys in open pit and underground operations, geologists map the features of the mine accurately and quickly directly into MineMapper3D directly at the work site. This mapped data is then used directly in your mine planning and modeling systems.


Data Storage and Reporting


Fusion is a comprehensive data repository and management system for geological, geochemical, geotechnical, geophysical, QA/QC, mapping, surveying and other field data. All these data sources are combined into one common database for reporting and analysis. On client workstations, Fusion creates a secure connection to site based databases or central corporate servers. Governance and security features are built in, with only authorized users able to retrieve, update and query data from Fusion Servers. All Fusion administration and management of reference lists is done centrally. This includes creating and modifying tables, users, business units, rock types, and other information centrally and only once. With the Fusion API, it is possible to integrate non-Datamine systems while maintaining user access controls.

Report Manager

A key aspect of managing exploration data is quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC). Using Report Manager, you can monitor the precision, accuracy and contamination of all drill hole and point sampling data. Gain an in-depth understanding of the risk of your deposit, and the performance of your analytical lab(s). Sampling and analytical errors are clearly visible, empowering you to take appropriate action.

Process Management


Laboratory Information Management System

Datamine understands the mine’s laboratory processes and can help to decrease sample turnaround and improve accuracy of the results by automating the laboratory processes and integrating the equipment with our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution. Through the use of techniques such as barcoding, errors are decreased while productivity and quality increase. LIMS also provides management and business level reporting to monitor the activities throughout the lab.

Developed specifically for the mining industry, Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) facilitates workflow management by automating mine site laboratory processes.

LIMS has direct integration with the Fusion geological database to efficiently verify samples and post results back to initiating geologists; other laboratory clients also have an interface to request sampling and receive results. Established procedures between the lab and client automatically dictate the rules to follow on sample requests; these procedures define the “To Do List” that is generated by LIMS upon receipt of a sample from the client.


Core Shed Management

Organize and store your core box and sample bags with Datamine’s Core Shed Management system, a comprehensive asset management tool that tracks the physical locations of your valuable core assets. Customizable to your specific storage capacity, Core Shed Management provides an intuitive way to quickly find the next storage location, and retrieve any currently assigned locations. Use barcode labels to streamline the data entry process and eliminate transcription errors while in the core shed.

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