Core Shed Manager.

Core Tracking & Management.

Core Shed Manager

Core Shed Manager – the ideal asset management tool that helps track the physical locations of your stored core. Customisable to your specific storage capacity, Core Shed Manager provides an intuitive way to quickly find the next storage location and retrieve any currently assigned locations. Use barcode labels to streamline the data entry process and eliminate transcription errors while in the core shack. Make use of the interactive 3D tool to store and discard your core.

Core Shed Manager seamlessly integrates with Fusion, making the Fusion Central database a requirement for this product. DHLogger and/or Sample Station are also necessary applications within the Fusion suite as core samples are retrieved from the logged samples table in the database. This ensures all products are connected and well integrated for optimal user experience and output. Please contact us for a comprehensive discussion of how Core Shed Manager and Fusion packages are configured to fit your needs and processes.

Easily store your core assets by first selecting the desired Storage Unit, entering in the Core Box/Sample Bag parametres, finding the storage locations and then storing the Core Box/Sample Bag. Select pick lists to minimise errors, view the Core Boxes and assigned locations prior to storing them and import the Core Coxes easily with the touch of a button.

Easily remove Core Boxes from the Storage Unit when they have been physically discarded. Core can be flagged as ‘mined’ using a shape file to keep track of progress more transparently.

Generate reports for:

  • Core Boxes (by drillhole number)
  • Sample Bags (by sample number)
  • Storage Units

Export report to various formats depending on your needs.

Create custom barcode label templates including the ability to customise width, height, border colour, background colour, corner radius, font type and font size. Create the exact look and feel you desire, and generate barcode labels for:

  • Core Boxes
  • Sample Bags
  • All Core Boxes/Sample Bags (by storage unit)

Create a hierarchy of Storage Facilities/Storage Locations/Storage Units that emulate the physical location and layout of your Core Shed. Control all aspects of what slots are available and how core boxes are stored in storage units (storage patterns). You can navigate each storage unit in 3D for easy visual validation and analysis. Control 3D properties such as length, height, width, depth and thickness in order to exactly match your core storage. The intuitive interface offers a quick view of current configurations and capacity of the storage with clear, visual icons that show the current capacity of the storage unit.

All configurations are completed in a Central database which ensures data integration and accuracy. Changes are synchronised down to each Local database, making sure all databases at all levels carry the same information. The user is notified if changes are ready to be synchronised. There is also the option of collecting data while working offline, and the user will be notified that data is ready to be synchronised to Central repository.


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