Automated Laboratory Management.


Developed specifically by industry experts – LIMS facilitates workflow management by automating mine site laboratory processes. We understand the mine’s laboratory processes can be a very delicate environment riddened with lengthy turnaround times, high chances of inaccuracy as well as easily disrupted workflow management processes. LIMS helps to decrease sample turnaround and improve result accuracy by automating the laboratory processes and seamlessly integrating the mine’s equipment to the module. Most scales are fully supported using the built-in instruments configuration/parsing module.

QAQC Management for Laboratory Blank Standards & Duplication Samples


Although available as a stand-alone product, LIMS has the potential for direct integration with the Fusion geological database to efficiently verify samples and post results back to initiating geologists. Other laboratory clients also have an interface to request sampling and receive results – LIMS makes sure communication flows freely and transparently for all stakeholders. Through the use of techniques such as barcoding, errors are decreased while productivity and quality increase. Barcode labels can also be easily produced and printed by selecting the samples needed. Automation is a necessary step forward in all industries, decreasing manpower and increasing efficiency.


LIMS’ Dataflow

Sample Reception

Samples are organised by ‘client’ departments for easy viewing and accessibility. You can enter the samples in by barcode scanners, CSV files or batch generation (customised batch). Sample names are then validated against the geological database, Fusion, which ensures accuracy and data assurance. Multiple sample details can also be logged to capture the complete dynamics of each sample and ensure important details are not missed.

Sample Preparation

Samples are organised by templates to send for analysis and QC samples can be added manually or automatically by client or by run type. This will save you time and makes the process clearer and more intuitive. Analysis requirements, sample instructions and more are customisable, whilst multiple sample preparation processes can be configured for reporting purposes, providing flexibility and allowing you to match it with your workflows.

Sample Analysis

Sample runs are built based on elements, units, analytical method, equipment and more. Pulp weight can be inputted easily and directly from the balance to the system, where it can then be validated whilst controlling the weight value range, in order to accelerate the pulp weight. LIMS easily integrates with the laboratory equipment through the import/export functionalities, and this means that accurate results and forecasts are readily available. A ‘parsing’ tool for instrument configuration where the parsed string is shown in real-time is integrated into the system, giving heightened transparency and readability. QAQC testing is also easily achievable on the go during data transfer directly from the instrument or from the data import function. The sample search and selection functionalities are supported through scanned barcodes to ensure data entry is within the correct corresponding sample. As another safe measure, manual data entry can be restricted within specific fields to avoid potential typing error. The information is instead automatically populated from the instrument. Additionally, an in-built keyboard and mouse lock option is available in order to make sample selections just with the barcode scanner, improving accuracy and eradicating potential errors. Validated jobs/runs can be posted directly to Fusion for easy data sharing and transfer and only authorised users can post/report results to clients, ensuring high levels of data protection.


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