Report Manager.

Data Quality Assurance & Control.

Report Manager

Fusion Suite Application

A key aspect of managing exploration data is quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC). Using Report Manager, you can monitor the precision, accuracy and contamination of all drillhole and point sampling data among everyone involved through the Fusion database.  It is an available application within the Fusion suite and makes sure that all data is safely stored within a secure database. Gain an in-depth understanding of the risk of your deposit, and the performance of your analytical lab(s). Sampling and analytical errors are clearly visible, empowering you to take appropriate action.

Core Features

Chart Objects

Control chart output (chart, summary, results).
Specify the desired results (first, last etc.).
Specify x-axis values (dates, occurrence).

Chart Filters

Add filters to focus chart results.
Apply filter operators.
Dates can use relative filters (e.g. year to date, month to date, one month etc.).

Chart Analysis

Add visual analysis to charts:

  • Expected value (certified value).
  • Error limits (SD, min/max).
  • Regression.
  • Moving average.
  • Detection Limits.
  • Tolerance Limits (% deviation).
  • X = Y.

Chart Security

Grant access to charts to one or more business units.
Users in a business unit that do not have access will not be able to see the chart, increasing security while decreasing unsolicited viewing.

Chart Label Options

Control visibility and appearance of all text.
Apply formatting styles based on data types (e.g. numeric date/time).

Chart Series Options

Control visual properties of each series (points, lines).
Data points are grouped in relation to error/tolerance limits.

Chart Axes Options

Control visibility, size and colour of major and minor gridlines.
Define the scaling for each axis.
Force scatter plots to be square (x axis = y axis).

Chart Colour Options

Control visual properties of all chart sections.
Apply corporate colour schemes or keep the look and feel simple, this is completely customisable according to your preferences.

Chart Summary

Control the visibility and format for each summary value.
Specify custom labels (e.g. different languages).

Chart Results

Control the visibility and format for each column in the result table.
Specify custom labels (e.g. different languages).
Apply filters to focus the result table without affecting the chart (e.g. only show data for failed standards in the result table, but show all points on chart).

Activity Objects

Group charts into activities.
Apply global filters that will be applied to all selected charts.
Charts can be included in multiple activities.
Control access by Business Unit.

Report Objects

Add activities and/or individual charts.
Add and format static text objects.
Drag and drop objects in the order they should appear on the report.
Choose from several output formats (PDF, Word, CSV etc.).
Control access by Business Unit.

Global Objects

Administrators can flag objects as Global objects.
Global objects can only be created on the Central database.
Global objects are propagated to all databases (Fusion Remote, Local).
Local objects (non-global) can be created by any user against any database.

Object Security

Users can only see the objects their active Business Units have access to.
Users can edit and delete objects they are the owner of.
Users can run objects they are not the owner of.
If users try to edit an object they are not the owner of, they will be prompted to do a ‘Save As’ to create a new object (as to not affect the original).

Report Manager Administrator

Report Administrators can:

  • Flag objects as Global in the Central database.
  • Run, edit and delete any object on any database.
  • Change the owner of any object on any database.

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