Studio EM.

Geological Interpretation & Analysis.

Studio EM

A tailored solution for professionals within the Exploration industry – Studio EM leverages the base technology of Datamine’s hugely successful Studio software series. It includes point and string editing, wireframing, basic block modelling and estimation functionality as well as the ability to dynamically link to an existing drillhole database. Additionally, with dynamic tools to design drillholes and plan drilling campaigns, it also has the in-built function for implicit modelling for quick generation of cut-off grade shells and lithology wireframes. Solve your former analysis complications with on-the-fly statistical analysis with histograms and scatterplots that also allows you to dynamically link between the histograms and sample data. Highly compatible with many other software packages, we made sure that it would integrate seamlessly into your current processes, increasing productivity while decreasing any transitional inefficiencies.

Key Features & Benefits

Contouring Functions

Studio EM has integrated commands that can be used to generate contours from input points and drillhole data.


Studio EM can integrate with a host of existing data formats including the ability to dynamically link to a drillhole database for real time updates.

Solids Modelling

Flexible tools to allow for either manual or automated creation of wireframe solids or surfaces to represent geological features.

Block Modelling

Harness the power of Datamine’s renowned block modelling tools to quickly create accurate volumetric models and carry out basic grade estimation.


Save 3D data in the form of 3D PDF files that can be viewed on any device with a PDF viewer.

Image Support

Easily import and view georeferenced images from a host of formats to drape as flat images or fit to existing topography data.

Technical Overviews

Dynamic Plotting

Strip Log Plots

Data Analysis


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