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From digital shift allocation, open pit and underground drill and blast, to critical ore control and dilution modelling, Datamine has the most comprehensive and sophisticated suite of solutions for your operational needs.

Accurate and timely data to support decision making

Integrated reporting and intelligence dashboards give mining operations accurate data-driven decision-making capabilities. ​

Get a competitive advantage

Datamine’s wide range of operational solutions ensures you have access to practical and efficient products that meet your specific needs.

Deliver automated workflows

Solutions that are flexible enough to be used for any commodity, ore body and mining method.

Save costs while increasing productivity

We offer mining solutions that can deliver tens of millions of dollars annually to your mine’s bottom line.

Mining Operations

The right tools

Datamine's suite of software solutions provides you the right tools to ensure each phase is optimised and working in unison to create end-to-end efficiency and improvement. ​


Proven methods

Datamine's holistic operations solution and methodology supports you from the very first blast.

Improved outcome

Regular data imports and validation allow early detection of issues, allowing informed decisions, and leaving more time for implementing operational improvements.​

Operational visibility to maximise profits across the entire mine value chain.
With Datamine, mining operations make informed decisions based on accurate data. Our integrated reporting intelligence dashboards provide a clear view of operations. Plus, with an entire audit trail, all stakeholders can trust the data.

Does your productivity suffer due to a lack of visibility?

Datamine’s software solutions allow you to integrate, analyse, and optimise your data, processes and supply chain, improving head grade, reducing ore loss, and increasing productivity and recovery.​

Data optimisation

Proccess enhancement

Supply chain visility

Head grade improvement

Ore loss reduction

Increase productivity

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Driving mining technology for leading brands

Accurate and timely data to support decision making

Achieve operational confidence with Datamine​

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