Resource & Reserve Modelling.

Resource Models You Can Trust

Datamine’s resource modelling software delivers robust geological models for large and small mines across the full range of commodities and deposit types. These flagship products set the industry standard in this field with proven algorithms developed and refined over 30 years. Utilized by the world’s major mining houses and consulting firms for the public reporting of resources and reserves, Datamine’s resource modelling software systems are robust, reliable and trusted globally. Find which product fits your needs by clicking on the following below.

Studio EM

Interpretation & Analysis

Datamine Studio EM is tailor made to meet the needs of exploration geologists. Leveraging the base technology of Datamine’s hugely successful Studio software series, Studio EM includes point and string editing, wireframing, basic block modelling and estimation functionality as well as the ability to dynamically link to an existing drillhole database.
Studio EM also has a full set of plotting functionality for producing section plots, plan plots, strip logs and reports as well as comprehensive 3D viewing and the option to publish 3D PDF files.

Studio RM

Resource & Reserve Evaluation

Studio RM is the latest update of Datamine’s industry-leading tool for resource and reserve evaluation with a proven track record of over 30 years, replacing Studio 3. With its new activity-based user interface and trusted multi-parametric modelling capabilities, Studio RM is even more powerful and easier to use than its predecessors to deliver corporate resource and reserve information with the quality, accuracy and reliability required by geologists, management and downstream users.

Advanced Estimation

Studio RM Module

Advanced Estimation is a flexible software solution providing state of the art and industry benchmarked geostatistics. It is an additional Studio RM module and works seamlessly to offer a comprehensive set of proven algorithms designed for a range of skill types from beginners to experts.


Deposit Modelling & Evaluation

Strat3D represents a change in the modelling of stratified deposits with its tailored work-flow driven interface. Rapidly create high quality 3D models for the visualization, classification and evaluation of iron ore, bauxite and other stratified deposits. The system creates strata block models – true 3D models that provide better integration of structure and quality, resource, waste and other properties. Strat3D combines a powerful workflow-oriented user interface with a fast and comprehensive model generation platform, supporting drill holes and all other 3D surface data including faults and their structural controls. A washability module is also available for coal operations.


Stratigraphic Deposits – Coal

In an industry of increasing pressure to continually maximise output from existing operations, MineScape helps meet this challenge with its secure database, advanced geological modelling and comprehensive mine planning and design capabilities. With a suite of integrated solutions designed for both open pit and underground mines for coal and metalliferous deposits, MineScape is a mining focused 3D CAD system supporting custom programming and reporting. It provides an easy to use and functionally rich interface designed to create professional graphic design outputs in both 2D and 3D PDF formats – greatly enhancing the visualisation and communication designs using Adobe Reader.

Ore Controller

Minimise Ore Loss and Dilution

Regardless of the commodity that your business is in, each load of ore could be worth over $10,000. It is critical that each truck goes to the right place. Your grade control system provides the last opportunity to decide what happens to the material being loaded, and must use sophisticated techniques to get the best result. Ore Controller is an intelligent ore control system that fits seamlessly into your mine’s existing operations and processes. Using a central database and customizable workflow, Ore Controller breaks up grade control tasks into clearly-defined activities, and guides each user through their day to day work. Implemented stand-alone or in combination with a blast movement monitoring system, Ore Controller can deliver tens of millions of dollars annually to your mine’s bottom line.


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