Short Interval Control.

Datamine OPS

Improve short term compliance

Take your shift change planning and on-shift tracking and control digital. Datamine OPS delivers an efficient user interface that is easy to learn and use, supporting your existing processes while delivering the right information to the right people – instantly.

Core Features


Halve your shift planning changeover time by preparing the crew allocations, equipment and work area assignments digitally. Simply drag and drop using a desktop computer, smart whiteboard or tablet. The prior shift can be rolled across to instantly deliver a starting point for the oncoming supervisor to use as a starting basis. Datamine OPS makes shift planning a breeze, and automatically retains a digital record of all shift plans for future analysis and reporting.

Datamine OPS Live

Datamine OPS Live enables the digital management of on-shift decision making and resource allocation with real time tracking of equipment and plans. Compare plan vs actual, understand delays and present information in graphical format to the people that need it, when they need it.


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