Geological Data Management Solution

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Safe, Secure Geological Data Storage & Management

With different access levels, always be sure your data is safe and secure without unwarranted distribution.

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Flexible, Scalable & Completely Configurable

Scalable and configurable from single-site to multi-site installations.

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Seamless Data Synchronisation Between All Users & Sites

One location for all exploration and production data means easy synchronisation between all database levels.


Integrated Data Solution

Fusion is the ultimate data repository solution with completely configurable templates that capture all geological, geotechnical, geophysical, geochemical, downhole survey, mapping, QAQC and sample data. This ensures that there is one central and safe location for all exploration and production data that can not only enforce business rules and maintains centralised control, but also has scalable options from single project to multi-site installations. Fusion can be flexibly configured into local, regional and global databases depending on your company and work processes.

Effortlessly customise your Fusion Suite to meet all specific data requirements and logging standards appropriate to each project/site. Immediately validate data as information is captured or imported. With a suite of applications that can be mixed and matched to cope with your changing needs, from drill hole logging to managing your sample data, it is the complete hub to securely store and share your data through different levels of access.

The solution is completely customisable with the available applications: Report Manager, DHLogger, Sample Station, Fusion LIMS and MineMapper3D. This allows you to personalise the solution to cater specifically to your needs and processes while encompassing all the data management, reporting, and analysis capabilities that Fusion has to offer. Both Fusion LIMS and Core Shed Manager can also integrate directly into the Fusion database, making them complementary products that transfer data seamlessly with one another if your core processes require laboratory information management or core asset management.

Fusion Applications View Videos

Fusion's Customisable Applications

Core Photo Manager tool in DHLogger, Fusion's drillhole management product.
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Fusion's Drillhole Logging Solution

For when flexibility and accuracy counts – DHLogger is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for all of your drillhole management needs including planning, logging, viewing and managing all of your downhole-related data directly at your worksite.

Sample Station interface showing surface sample data and information stored within the database - sample data management software
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Fusion's Field Sample Station Solution

Collect and store your field sample data quickly and securely – Sample Station is a versatile field sampling and real-time environmental monitoring application that allows for rock, soil, water, air and other environmental material data to be collected and stored.

a 3D mine mapped in MineMapper 3D showing geoscientific features
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Fusion's 3D Mine Mapping Solution

MineMapper 3D facilitates the mapping of geoscientific features in all mining environments with advanced 3D visualisations. Geologists can now map the features of the mine with precise accuracy and unbeatable speed directly into MineMapper 3D right at the worksite.

a screenshot of the report manager dashboard which shows 4 separate sections, a map view, a line graph, and 2 other bar graphs - QAQC Data Management solution
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Fusion's Data Analytics & QA/QC Solution

Using Report Manager, you can monitor the precision, accuracy and contamination of all drillhole and point sampling data among everyone involved throughout the Fusion database, an essential tool for quality assurance and control (QA/QC).

Core storage section of Core Shed Manager where you can manage all your core within the application - Core Storage & Management Software
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Fusion's Core Management Solution

Core Shed Manager is the ideal asset management tool that helps track the physical locations of your stored core - quickly find the next storage location and retrieve any currently assigned locations.

before and after chart within LIMS, Fusion's laboratory information management solution.
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Fusion's Laboratory Information Management Solution

LIMS facilitates workflow management by automating mine site laboratory processes, help to decrease sample turnaround and improve result accuracy by automating the laboratory processes and integrating with the laboratory equipment.

Why Use Fusion?

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Low-cost management of high-value accurate & actionable data.

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Improve organisational efficiency & individual accountability.

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Enable collaboration between team members while maintaining a consistent information architecture.

Facilitate the adoption of standardised operating procedures.

Consolidate data from heterogenous data sources into a secure & centralised data repository.

Support business decisions when & where the data is being collected.

Scalable Data Management

Local, Regional & Global

Fusion offers a scalable database model that can easily accommodate local, regional and global data storage requirements and comes complete with an audit trail. It can be configured by your own company personnel, reducing the need to outsource another company or have someone constantly alter the configurations as your need changes. A truly innovative approach to the previously inefficient data management where databases can only be stored within the PC without remote and central sharing capabilities.Governance and security features are built-in, with only authorised users able to retrieve, update and query data from Fusion Servers giving you more peace of mind than ever before. There are also options for both on-premise or hosted options, which gives you more flexibility to have a system that moulds around your processes and can be configured to fit the size of your business – even as it grows.

Fusion infographic that explains for the scalable databases work for central, local and remote databases - geological data management software

Latest Software Update

Fusion 9 Version 5.0

The newest update is now available! Our developers have packed all the features our users have requested since the latest update. Head on over to our update release page for more information and short feature videos to show you what else Fusion can now do for you.Have a feature request? Talk to our team and let's make it happen today.

Core stacked side by side
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Core stacked side by side Watch On YouTube

The newest update is now available! Our developers have packed all the features our users have requested since the latest update. Head on over to our update release page for more information and short feature videos to show you what else Fusion can now do for you.Have a feature request? Talk to our team and let's make it happen today.

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