Commodity Trading

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Minimise Commodity Trading Risk

Make informed decisions with real-time reporting and visualisation tools that increase transparency throughout the entire decision process.

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Real-Time Profit & Loss Metrics

Comprehensive real-time profit and loss performance metrics, advanced analytics & accurate trade and risk data to ensure maximum profit from your commodities.

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Multi-Commodity Support

Scalable solution supporting multiple commodities with both out-of-the-box functionalities and flexible configurations available.


Commodity Trade Risk Management

MineMarket facilitates informed decision making through real-time monitoring of market fluctuations, profit and loss performance metrics, accurate transaction tracking and other advanced analysis tools offering maximum market transparency from initial execution through to final settlement. Proper risk management is a huge challenge in the industry and accurately viewing real-time analytics and market movements is a critical point of difference in which MineMarket excels. Manage and minimise risk with comprehensive risk reporting metrics that calculate profit and loss fluctuations across multiple assets, allowing you to hedge against market price movements and displaying data to senior management using our configurable dashboards. MineMarket is an analytics-driven solution that is flexible with multi-commodities and can be used straight out-of-the-box, as well as tailored to match the specific needs of your mining operation, making it the key risk management and profit optimising tool.

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MineMarket helps producers save over $3M per year by reducing demurrage penalties.

MineMarket Functionalities

01Commodity Trading & Risk Management

MineMarket supports deal capture for physical contracts, commodity and FX derivatives, the logistics and the financial processes (including mark-to-market accounting). MineMarket enables robust risk management through the allocation of hedge positions to logistics, and provides tools to view and manage risk.


There are a wide range of reporting functions including standard KPI reports, audit reporting and configurable dashboards.

Save money with the most comprehensive commodity trade risk management solutions today – speak to our experienced team!

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Production Accounting

Production Accounting is an off-the-shelf, web-based solution designed for mining, mineral processing, smelting, and refining operations, and is compatible with MineMarket to provide the most seamless and complete supply chain model. The solution addresses key production accounting challenges by providing the ability to take on production data from various sources such as assay data and moisture content from laboratory information management systems and mass from weight-o-meters and weighbridges.

MineMarket - Supply Chain Management

Through connecting operational data and its relationships from mine to customer, MineMarket maximises commercial outcomes by optimising logistics, charting the impact of sales, and tracking and identifying operational bottlenecks. MineMarket minimises delays in data collection, ensuring the same data is visible across the organisation which facilitates analysis, adjustment and reconciliation.