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PA Explorer

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PA Explorer

Advanced Geophysical Visualisation

PA Explorer is an application for analysing and presenting geophysical data in profiles, maps and 3D displays. The information that can be analysed by this software includes single or multi-channel data acquired from airborne or ground surveys, including electro-magnetics (AEM) and potential field (gravity or magnetic) data.

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PA Explorer is the most cost-effective, advanced geophysical interpretation tool available today. It provides a complete solution for geophysical data visualisation, interpretation and report production.

Key Features

Increase Efficiency

PA Explorer will deliver more results from your existing software investments through better use of visualisation and cross-product integration.

Forget trying to line up 5 different maps or sections, link them live with PA Explorer. Out of the box you can do some amazing things and then, in almost no time at all, build powerful applications that replace complex workflows using our unique application template designer.

Enhancing Your Data

PA Explorer provides you with a range of interpretive enhancement tools that include line, section, grid and voxel gridding, filtering, calculators and toolkits.

The calculator tools include a rich array of function capabilities which can be applied to line, feature or grid data formats.

Data Import

PA Explorer provides a rich environment for building interpretations that cover anomaly picking, map interpretations, section interpretation and 3D geological model building. The Feature Manager utility uses a 3D object database to capture your interpretation elements from which you can build sophisticated 3D targets, models, surfaces, faults, geological units and intrusions.

Map interpretation elements in the form of points, lines and polygons are easily drawn onto a map with live updates into any other concurrent map or 3D display. You can instantly see your interpretation in the same context as ten separate images.

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