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Ease To Use

Easy to use flow project creation process

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Access Viability

Helps assess viability of caving layouts

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Production Targets

Optimise production targets at draw point

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Multiple Scenarios

Produce multiple scenarios with differing ring sizes, schedules, flow characteristics etc


Cellular Automata Model

PGCA models simulate cave flow for the Life of Mine of a caving operation for several outcomes such as recovery, dilution and production scheduling. How does it work? PGCA is a Cellular Automata model. The block model is discretised to blocks of a user defined size. Each of the up to 240 million blocks follows its own internal rules. The rules are based on probability of movement, material types, and user defined parameters such as expected width of draw.

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PGCA Key Features

01Speed, Accuracy and Auditability

02Production optimization

• Models flow of rock within the cave Life of Mine to give recovery and dilution forecasts.
• Schedules production for block, panel and sublevel caving.
• Optimiser for automatic footprint generation.


• Recovery reports generated by level, phase, resource classification, drawpoint and time.
• Sublevel and block caving capability within the same model; Block Cave, or SLC (Sub Level Caving method).
• Allows for cave propagation within a simulation.
• Allows for fine and alternate particle properties.
• Realistic rilling behaviour.
• Can save out residual block model at end of modelling run.

04Small scale calibration

• Produces ellipsoidal approximations of draw similar to those seem in reality.
• Software has been calibrated against many operating mines.