Metal Reconciliation

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See the complete picture from resource to shipped product.

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Embedded mine compliance.

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Improved communication and shared understanding.

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Instant Factor (F1, F2, F3) generation.


Metal Reconciliation

Reconcilor offers your operation the transparency it needs to track metal movement from start to finish and to mine with confidence.Metal loss linked to poor mine reconciliation is an industry wide problem in the resources sector. Ask any geologist what they worry about most as end of month approaches. This process is meant to identify differences between estimates, plans and actual mine production. Only once they are properly quantified and understood can steps can be taken improve metal balance.Regrettably some minesites lack the skills, manpower or even confidence to undertake this analysis. Reconcilor empowers its users to take the next step by automatically consolidating and validating your data as well as offering spreadsheet free analysis.Regular data imports allow early detection of data issues well before end-of-month. This allows you to make informed decisions and leaves more time for implementing improvements. Take the hard work out of your reconciliation and start reaping the benefits.

Talk to the Team

“Reconciler is a powerful package. Most mines don’t realise they are throwing away gold due to lack of control. Reconcilor offers this control.”

Client Survey Feedback, Feb 2020

Key Features

01Complete Picture from Resource to Shipped Product

Through simple yet powerful integration, Reconcilor provides a complete picture of your operation by combining data from the following sources: Geological models, Survey, Mine plans, Dispatch, Plant movements and sampling and Transport and shipping (optional).Reconcilor has limited impact on your existing production software and is designed to have minimal overlap in functionality. Rigorous data validation is applied to all imported data, ensuring consistency across systems and confidence in your data.

02Improved Communication & Shared Understanding

Reconcilor lifts the data veil. For many of our clients it ground truths all production reporting and hence metal reconciliation. The entire Reconcilor web interface is “deep linked” so content can easily be shared amongst users without the need to export data. Miscommunication is rife at most mine sites, often leading to costly mistakes. Reconcilor safeguards against naming inconsistencies and deviation from a given mine plan.


Reconcilor’s unique continuum screen provides an overview of your entire mining process, from resource to shipped product. It allows easy identification of metal losses and where they are occurring. Our latest version features support for user defined reconciliation factors and the ability to switch easily between multiple configurations.

04Embedded Mine Plan Compliance & Trends Analysis

Develop a deep understanding of your operation through this powerful analysis tool, allowing almost any mining or planning metric to be compared and relationships identified. Optimise future production by examining past trends and put in place measures to stop history repeating itself.

  • Compare plans with mine production and mine delivered.
  • Identify risk areas or sources of variability within your resource.
  • Monitor and validate moisture and density estimates.

05Model Comparisons

A key strength of Reconcilor is the ability to import multiple models and easily perform comparisons across multiple model attributes using configurable filters and groupings. Eliminate the need for expensive, discrete tools and easily share the results of these comparisons in a manner that anyone can understand.

06Material Flow & Spatial Comparisons

Reconcilor 9 offers more data visualisation options so that results can be interpreted quickly and provide meaningful value.

  • Spatial model comparisons.
  • Survey versus haulage.
  • Planned versus actual.

07Stockpile Management

If not managed carefully stockpiles can pose a significant challenge to your reconciliation. Reconcilor automatically calculates stockpiles balances using a choice of several modelling types, giving you instant access to the information you need.

  • Current stockpile balance data always available.
  • Ensure survey and dispatch are in alignment and identify stray movements.
  • Understand the impact of stockpile feed on plant performance.
  • Validate bulk density estimates.