Sample Station

Versatile Field Sample Station

Surface Samples in Sample Station showing sample number, sample type, medium code, sample dimension and status - Sample Data Management Software Watch On YouTube
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Capture & View Sample Data

Simple, easy to use interface allows users to quickly view all important information on one screen.

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Built-In QAQC Module

Import lab certificates using the ‘Lab Import’ tool. Batches & samples are clearly flagged as ‘passed’ or ‘failed’ based on defined limits for all of your standards.

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Capture Data At The Source

Go completely mobile and paperless, giving you substantial time savings and efficiencies.

Sample Station

Accurate Sampling Data Toolkit

Collect and store your field sample data quickly and securely – Sample Station is a versatile field sampling and real-time environmental monitoring application that allows for rock, soil, water, air, and other environmental material data to be collected and stored. It is an available application within the Fusion solution and makes sure all data is safely stored within a secure database. Similar to our drillhole logging tool, DHLogger, Sample Station is fully configurable based on your workflow. Create custom logging tables and eliminate potential transcription errors by generating customisable picklists. The application also features a built-in QAQC module as well as custom export and reporting capabilities.

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